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Country Music Virtuosic Performer Phillip Sanders Set To Release His Long Awaited Single “If I Didn’t Love You Girl” On The 15th Of December

Phillip Sander If I Didn’t Love You

Texas own country lover and cowboy sensation Phillip Sanders who has continued to bless us with his delicious sounds delivered with passionate vocal performances that display an unquestionable authenticity with every sound he touches transforming into magic. His unique and charismatic vocals are backed by an equally magnificent production which produces a harmonic melody that epitomizes the tonality and imagination of the country music genre. His yet to be released single, “If I Didn’t Love You Girl” is a tremendous song with his unique and immediately recognizable voice that harmonizes with itself brilliantly designing a melody-driven by buoyant percussion section layered with crisp, cutting edge electric guitar riffs and a sensational rhythmic blend of melodies from the electronic guitar and drum machine. The synth beat emanating from the rich, lush and orchestral arrangement evokes the kind of energy and genuineness that will most definitely resonate with country music lovers across the globe.

The love-inspired theme is echoed by the title of the song ‘If I Didn’t Love You Girl” as he delivers on wanting to make things right with the love of their life after he made a mistake that cost them their love. “Wish I can push rewind and take it back…you know I didn’t mean for it to sound like that…just sometimes I get a little comfortable and crazy…and what I really meant to say is…” is the genuine intro that get us to a melodic start before the catchy and electric amplified chorus, “I wouldn’t feel my heartbeat skipping everytime I pick you up…you wouldn’t take my breath away…this wouldn’t hurt so much…  I wouldn’t be here standing on your front porch screaming at your front door baby you’re my whole world…if I didn’t love you girl…” finishing off the strong rhythm before the melody accentuates with its emotional content generating a lasting appeal and making it one of the most enjoyable song you will hear any other day.

Riding on its popular wave the immersive his recently released single “Over a Beer” tune just hit #2 on the UK iTunes chart, a genuine highlight and staggering progression pinning it up to the brink of genuine and expected achievement. He has lifted the song with his great vocal harmonies and the extremely strong chorus and the rhythms derive more from the rock and this makes it a masterclass in melodic transcendence in all aspects and an enjoyable listening experience. It’s worth waiting for in a million years!

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