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British female songster Phinyx is set to release her new EP, “Bad Girls” on the 3rd of February 2023

Phinyx Bad GirlsUK-based singer-songwriter Phinyx has continued to stand tall as one of Britain’s leading vocalists, outspokenly expressing a righteous, self-empowered swagger that has endeared her to critics of pop purists. She has continued to mature as an artist- evolving from just a young street disciple to a vain all-knowing saga and humbled godly teacher who is also willing to learn at every opportunity. As a firm believer in freedom of artistry, Phinyx has built a reputation around her genre-bending and LOFI-inspired sound as she explores love, loss, loneliness, and self-discovery.

As someone with a fondness for a good beat, meaningful lyrics with some emotional resonance, and the theme of youth, her new EP, “Bad Girls,” holds a somewhat “eternal attraction.” Phinyx really wanted to make an EP that fits in most people’s ears. She wanted this EP to have a romantic, brooding, and emotional vibe to it, hence the lyrics but also the impactful LOFI influences that surprise a listener through the EP. Phinyx wants a listener to listen to it and be surprised by how good it actually is.

While developing the “Bad Girls” EP, Phinyx felt it needed to have a rich flavor that projected her own stories and experiences. As she delved deeper into the creative process, the EP became a projection of who she is, a peek into her very person. This 5-track masterpiece serves as a groundbreaking milestone in Phinyx’s music endeavors as it displays her growth and maturity as both an artist and a person.

Featuring profound and ear-catching harmonies, Phinyx takes the listener on a path into deep reflection. “Bad Girls” is about the genuine nature of what really defines a ‘bad girl’. Blending traditional and catchy pop tunes with hints of LOFI, Phinyx’s silky smooth and faultlessly powerful vocal resonance distinctly captures your listening senses and displays artisanship far beyond Phinyx’s years.

Phinyx opens this EP with an intimate and conversational introduction in “Channel Surfing,” which sets the mood for the EP. In the title track, “Bad Girls,” Phinyx brings that old-school vibe with a new-age perspective. Featuring intriguing instrumentals with calming melodies and a catchy hook that goes like this, “I know that loving me is hard to you (hard to you)

But bad girls need love too; (bad girls need love too. There is everything to love about her blissful lead and backing vocal harmonies. I also love the understated melancholic vibe that comes off in this performance—it’s deeply relatable!

As compared to “Bad Girls,”  the second track “Crucify Me” is a bit more vibrant and delivered with a powerful tone; the raw emotions can be heard within her expressively beautiful vocals, whose despondent tone culminates in a myriad of agonizing harmonies.

“Pity Party” is an epic body of work; Phinyx expands on her versatility with a diverse selection of beats, extracting the very best from her versatile vocals, and leveraging on the track’s LOFI elements to deliver an intricate project that is both vulnerable and revealing. This is one of those tracks that are less heard and more experienced!

“Under My Bed” places the spotlight on Phinyx’s personal thoughts with its dark and apprehensive exploration that sees Phinyx go bare-knuckled in an explicit, straight-talking manner that draws a listener in marvelously with the immersive melodies augmenting its impact tenfold!

With its official release on February 3, Phinyx is primed to leave an indelible footprint on the independent pop music scene as she continues to showcase how to successfully raise the bar with each and every release while redefining the genre’s standards.

You can now pre-save “Bad Girls” by following Phinyx on the attached socials, and just get ready because this is just the beginning of what she has in store!

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