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It’s time to “Level Up” with the rap genius PIVE as he gears up towards the third and final chapter of “I Will Forever Be”

“Level Up” is the second single of the highly acclaimed and final chapter of PIVE’s “I Will Forever Be” album series that introduced him properly to the rap world and made the world take notice of an inimitable hip hop emcee and force to reckon with. This single, which follows the critically acclaimed “Follow Our Souls,” has garnered massive streaming plays across various digital platforms.

As his ever-expanding fanbase has come to expect of an artist of his caliber, PIVE does not disappoint with this new hard-hitting and thought-provoking raw tour de force brimming with lyrical ingenuity, self-assuredness, and heartfelt conviction, which engages listeners from intro to outro.

The beat is 808-driven, heavy, and hypnotic, and it comes off catchy, providing the perfect stage for PIVE’s performance. His performance is smooth and effortless, as he lands each masterful flow and wise perspective with an artful ferocity.

With this performance, PIVE is affirming his status as one of the most distinct and successful emcees of his generation that is going places; he is coming for everything there is in terms of higher appeal and intends to go platinum soon enough…you just have to keep an eye on his journey.

With this first-class performance, it’s undeniable that the time is ripe to “Level Up”- and there is no stopping this electric train that has already left the station and is headed to its destination without any detours expected.

The third and final chapter of “I Will Forever Be” is expected to officially drop this coming October, and it promises to be a game-changer…you know, in similar fashion to the season finales of epic seasons that everyone is always looking forward to.

Unlike some of these Television series, PIVE’s grand finale is expected to live up to the hype—you just have to be here to witness it live!

Stream “Level Up” via the attached link and add it to your ever-growing PIVE music collection.

Follow him on Instagram to keep up with this trailblazing journey!

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