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Hip Hop Music Star PIVE Ain’t Forgetting All His “Real Ones.”

PIVE is a rapidly rising hip-hop entertainer whose ability to deeply connect with his audience stems from his genuine lyrical adroitness to tap into the real-life world and deliver music that so many listeners can be able to resonate with and in a way that they feel. A true wordsmith of his generation, his “I Will Forever Be” series album introduced to the hip-hop world a vastly gifted musical star that isn’t afraid to delve deep into the creative process and bear his soul open for the listener to enjoy what he has to offer. He also exudes a real star glow about him, and his versatility and dynamism, combined with his ingenious presentation of hip-hop sound in multiple forms, pin him at the top of the global hip-hop community!

“Real Ones” was originally released on December 2nd, 2022- this track that is performed from PIVE’s heart and soul sees him bear his soul out as he tells a personally touching tale of remembrance for all the ones he lost throughout this journey of life and the reminiscing with the memories of the ones he grew up with. I’ve lived through this track like a religious experience because it is one of those tracks that are less heard and more experienced!

The raw emotions in his hip-hop voice cannot escape a listener, and I feel another highlight of the track is the thoughtfully hit piano that accompanies the track throughout. It really helps to augment the emotional quality of the track.

The music video is an eye-catcher and definitely fits the track’s narrative with real images from some of the people in PIVE’s life back in the day—some who have already gone forever and others still struggling with life. At the end of it all, there is a positive message of always pushing, keeping moving, and fighting that any listener can do right now!

This is what hip-hop music should be all about: music that you feel deep in your heart and with which you resonate strongly. The world needs this kind of music…you need this kind of music!

To experience this profoundly heartfelt and powerful performance, follow the attached link, subscribe to PIVE’s YouTube channel, like the video, and add the song to your playlist.

If you are in a jovial mood, you can check out the second installment of “I Will Forever Be” which is now streaming on all your favorite platforms!

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