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DMV -based stalwart emcee PoppiDizzy’s latest project, “Time Will Tell” is exactly what fans have come to expect from a lyricist of his caliber

There is an indomitable character in PoppiDizzy’s artistry; he is not an ordinary artist; he brings a level of awareness and authenticity that is rarely found in the rap market today. When it comes to his craft, he takes cues from daily happenings, celebrating the wins and mourning the losses in his life, and that is what makes his music resonate with unique audiences. His pen game, replete with raw rhymes, masterful flows, and thought-inspiring bars, stretches the boundaries of intricate storytelling and poetic finesse!

His versatility in hip-hop and rap is unprecedented; he borrows inspiration from both the old and the new hip-hop to develop his own niche that pushes the envelope when it comes to conscious rap music with universal appeal.

After taking some time for good measure to reflect and make sense of the world in his own way, PoppiDizzy is continuing his hot streak with another quality project dubbed “Time Will Tell”- a 4-track project that is birthed from life: the good, the bad, and the ugly.

The opening track, “Game Over” embodies PoppiDizzy’s first-rate lyrical ability. His pen game is inimitable; he concocts a thought-provoking presentation that is brimming with punchlines, erudite bars, and analytical cadence as he walks over the sick beat, unleashing rhythmically mesmerizing flows.

He really eats this up and leaves no crumbs—this is the kind of lyrical dexterity that gets your attention from the first minute all the way to the last minute. He’s got that expressive voice that is ideal for the genre, and this performance highlights his storytelling knack.

Through his vivid lyrical articulation, PoppiDizzy provokes thought and imagery with his top-drawer performance in “Forgive & Forget”- a masterclass in hip hop and rap that features a cinematic keyboard intro that sets the tone for the song, allowing it to gradually and slowly build before the dense and deep beat kicks in, accompanied by his distinctly raw vocals and a heartfelt performance that comes from his heart and soul.

You can tell this is a personal tale that has been delivered with such profundity, genuineness, and heartfelt conviction; the emotive delivery and impeccable flows underline the weight of the rhymes. I also love the string percussion that takes the track to its climax.

“Reflections” is another emotion-driven, raw masterpiece that sees PoppiDizzy wear his heart on his sleeve to deliver a track that borrows inspiration from his earlier life growing up. With a female voice-over intro the groundwork for the track is laid, and what ensues is a deeply haunting modern beat that is 808-driven.

He is direct and introspective with smart bars and expert flows, allowing a listener to find their own stories within his punchlines.

“Summers End” is the last track in this EP and features impeccable wordplay and erudite rhymes over a mellow yet powerful production that features a stripped-back yet dense and expressive beat that is reminiscent of his unique style. On the mic, PoppiDizzy offers an ear-worming performance with his intellectual rapping style.

In its entirety “Time Will Tell” is the product of an artist whose principal has always been ‘quality over quantity’; – something that his ardent followers have come to appreciate about him.

The tracks are doing great with massive streams already on popular channels such as Spotify.

PoppiDizzy continues to embark on his trailblazing musical journey with unwavering passion and determination defying expectations and creating hip-hop music that resonates with listeners from diverse backgrounds and wider demographics.

To sink your teeth into this project, follow the attached link and if you feel the vibe, make sure you add the tracks to your library and recommend the EP to others as well

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