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Canada-based singer-songwriter Rachel Dara is set to release her new single, “Broken Friendships,” off of her debut album, “The Next Big Invention,” on February 17, 2023.


A young upcoming prodigious talent, Rachel Dara, who is based out of Montreal, Canada, has had quite the journey so far as she keeps going from strength to strength as far as her music career is concerned. She brings fresh concepts and relatable views to her music, and as someone who is not self-limited, her style offers a little something for each generation, albeit with a consistent blend of indie-folk, alternative, and rock. With her endless resilience, Rachel is growing into a deeply connected and engaging performer who has been mesmerizing audiences with her ear worming open mic sessions.

Rachel has been invited to perform in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, with Talent Nation on February 19th, 2023, which will be the family day weekend, but before then, she will have released her “Broken Friendships,” off of her debut album, “The Next Big Invention,” on February 17th.

“Broken Friendships” sees Rachel expose her vulnerable side in a way that creates a deep connection with the listener. The laid-back, soothing, and mellow guitar tones offer the best bed of support for her authentically raw vocals to thrive and flourish, which they do.

Her voice holds so much faultless power, and she really has a wide vocal range that is just tantalizing to listen to—her vocals are golden, and they lusciously slink with a smoothness that is quite like cotton candy, bringing out those emotional nuances with her raw voice in this track!

Another thing to admire is, of course, the way she delivers the lead and backing vocal harmonies in the pre-chorus and chorus, forming an incredible kind of self-ensemble that just melts a listener’s heart. I appreciate the gentle care with which this tune was delivered and, of course, the emotionally relatable lines about the sadness that comes with broken friendships, especially when you did not see them coming.

I have no doubt that “Broken Friendships” will be an ear staple for most listeners since it embodies a meticulously crafted and passionately performed masterpiece.

Mark February 17th on your calendars and follow Rachel Dara everywhere to be part of this exceptional musical journey she has been on for a while now!


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