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Find Yourself Lost in The Infectious Soundscape of EDM Music With Ramin Bidar’s Latest Track “In Front of Me”

A prolific DJ and music producer born in Dubai has taken the industry by storm with his pounding sonic appearance and extraordinary infectious energy in EDM music. Based on sheer creativity and exceptional style, the producer has distinguished himself by creating some of the most refreshing tracks that truly define his ingenuity and uniqueness. All, from the energy to the punch to the music setup, is inspired by the Bidar’s wealth of experience and influences, which he has stylishly changed to produce a new wave of sound.

Through its exquisite melodies, his most recent production, “In Front of Me,” portrays our inner desires to be free of the shackles put on us by the present predicament. The prominent artist keeps the same degree of brightness throughout the entire track, eliciting strong reactions from listeners. It’s thrilling and enjoyable, with a hint of nostalgia accomplished through thoughtful syncopated arrangements.

“In Front of Me” is about a single moment in time, about wanting to get lost in the vibrating rhythm of a crowd and dreaming that the fuel-filled night never ends. “In Front of Me” is a greatly synthesized dance track at its heart, but its overarching pop elements elevate the song beyond a simplistic club mix and into the realm of mainstream. The sound is contagious, and the flow of the lead vocal from Hookman, Elijah McCoy captures the listener’s attention and makes it difficult to let go of the hook. By seamlessly pushing the genre’s limits, Ramin Bidar has crafted a catchy tune that instantly lifts the mood and provides a dynamic rush.

With his raw ability and boundless imagination, he is bound to carve a permanent position in the industry. In April 2021, he released his first single, ‘In Front of Me,’ featuring Grammy Nominated artist Hookman and Los Angeles Rapper & Songwriter Elijah McCoy.



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