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Switzerland-Based Duo Read the News Is Back with a Brand New Banger Titled “Flex”.

If you haven’t already heard of the freshest electronic duo in town, allow me to do the honors and introduce to you the sensational, incredibly gifted, and inventive duo Read the News, based out of Zurich and coming through with an encyclopedic sound within the realms of electronic dance music. When it comes to them, they like to be as versatile as possible, and that is why they cannot be pigeonholed into a specific category. Suckers for intricate rhythms, swirling synths, and sawtooth basslines that rattle the floor, there’s no doubt that Read the News’ ability to reinvent their brand and fearlessly experiment with their sound is an undeniable testament to their talents and longevity, ultimately pushing their artistic narrative even further. Pioneering their own brand of melodic techno over the past 3 years, this duo has managed to stand out from the masses and gain increasing recognition with their innovative style of rhythmic electro house and techno music.

They return with an epic new release titled “Flex” that showcases their blending of melodic house and techno with hip-hop vocals, breathing life into the track’s feel-good narrative.

This is one of those tracks that leaves a lasting impression from the get-go, luring a listener in with that impressive blend of rhythm and melody that jumps at a listener right from the intro.

A lively melodic techno track, “Flex” embodies all the elements of an electronic-infused song. The production is stupendous, as Read the News creates a radiant soundscape that displays their musicianship and keen ear for sound design.

The dazzling instrumental is complemented exceptionally well with the incorporation of the enchanting rap vocals, creating an outstanding feel-good track that can boost the vibe in any setting, whether you’re just listening in the privacy of your home, working out, or in the club enjoying a night out.

There are plenty of reasons to make this track a new favorite and to share it with electronic dance music aficionados everywhere – “Flex” is the real deal!

To find out more about Read the News, check them out on:

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