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Reina Subramanian has recently dropped a fantastic new single: “dance on the moon.”

Reina Subramanian is one of the most creative artists on the scene today. She continues to push creative boundaries with beautiful sonics that are incredibly dynamic and forward-thinking. “dance on the moon,” the musician’s most recent work, features energy and melodies. It is a true example of the passion that drives the artist’s endeavors in every way.

“dance on the moon” combines warmth and clarity. It also showcases Reina Subramanian’s vibrant personality and ability to create a genuine connection with the listeners. Fans of music that feel melodic yet also electrifying will be able to connect with what Reina Subramanian has to offer. “Dance on the moon” is yet another step forward in the artist’s ongoing journey in music and sound.

Find out more about Reina Subramanian, and check out “dance on the moon.” This release is now available on some of the best streaming services on the web.

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