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Hip-hop and rap maestro, Ren Ravage, delivers a direct and powerful banger titled “Emotions”.

Ren Ravage passionately integrates lyrical puns, metaphors, unique melodies, and nihilistic analogies into his signature sound. His skillful writing, mastery of words, and authentic creativity have helped him build a successful career in music that matters. His flashy yet inspired delivery has always been rooted in the traditionalism of the genre. While most emcees are only concerned with rhyme schemes, he prefers to be dynamic, looking for ways to convey his not-so-common stories in ways that a common person can comprehend. Honestly, artists with charisma, wordplay, and presence are rare, but a look into Ren Ravage’s discography reveals he has it all.

With the single “Emotions”, Ravage delivers a no-holds-barred lyrical approach, speaking his truth without mincing words.

His unorthodox flows and hard-hitting punchlines have been born out of personal experiences and emotions, capturing the raw feelings of moving on from a past relationship, especially one that was toxic.

The gist of this track’s message is perfectly captured in that not-so-subtle hook:

“My last bitch left because I didn’t show emotions

Now I’m back on check I got momentum

Pussy got me floating like I’m swimming in the ocean

I don’t do the hoe shit I ain’t into that commotion

They think I need to see a doc cause I’m so sick

I just think I might have analogy to a broke bitch

I do not believe in retrieving hoes off the streets

If they bite the hand that feed em’ this bitches ain’t finna eat”

His wordplay, erudite cadence, and explicit flows unleashed here elevate this track to greater heights and really supplement the song’s essence and narrative.

He masterfully commands flows and melodies, effortlessly switching tempos, painting a vivid picture of the track’s essence.

Ravage’s authentic creativity, combined with his effortlessly executed thought-provoking verses, solidifies his standing as a groundbreaking emcee and rap leader.

To sink your teeth into this mega banger, follow the link below, subscribe to his YouTube channel, like this, add it to your playlist, and share it with your friends.


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