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Burundian-Australian Hip Hop Artist and Producer Rome Quantez Has a New Anthem, “All In” (Feat. Ozi Kay, Yj 5HUNNID) Out on All Platforms.

Rome Quantez is a hip-hop artist, producer, and the founder of the music entertainment ‘Tezer Records’ also known as ‘Tezer Music’. He was born in Burundi but is currently based in Perth, Australia. Rome’s music is all about bridging the gaps between the punch of modern hip hop and the grit of the golden age sound, going for a catchy, yet direct and edgy approach. His ability to flow like water on any beat is unmatched, as he displays an indisputable knack with his masterful flows blended with his unique voice, fashioning an earworm. His style of music honors different cultures and lifestyles to give it a broad appeal as he seeks to make a global presence, one banger at a time!

“All In” is a street anthem from head to toe, from the outstanding beats down to the lyrical delivery; this track has been embedded in the conscientiousness of the hip hop genre. With a pristine production that features bouncing synths, low-end 808s, dripping basslines, and punchy drums, this track is best enjoyed with the volume at its maximum.
Rome Quantez does justice over the mic with sharp-witted and cutting-edge lyricism showcasing unbridled authenticity. That, along with the unforgettable chorus that sucks a listener into a stupor, is why this is a must-have record!

The featured guests, Ozi Kay, and YJ 5Hunnid give a memorable performance that adds to the likeability and variety of this masterpiece. “All In” has an epic accompanying music video that is of the highest standards and befitting of such a certified banger—with more than 3K views in just under 24 hours, you can tell more people are already entranced by this classy craftsmanship!
At its heart, “All In” is a recognition of the effort, sweat, and blood to turn those dreams into reality- this is an anthem for all the people giving their all to chase that bag and make an honest living off of their grind!

To listen to this masterpiece as you watch the visually stunning music video, follow the attached link, subscribe to Rome Quantez’ YouTube channel, like the video, and add it to your playlist!


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