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International hip-hop and rap star RXCO NATAL has just delivered a top-drawer performance in his new project, “GOD’S WILL”

Born in South Africa’s Durban, RXCO NATAL didn’t particularly have a fond childhood, but music was the only thing he always held on to for comfort. Coming from a seemingly dysfunctional family, NATAL didn’t experience the love, freedom, and happiness that he’d have wished for. All that is in the past now; he is a man of his own with a flourishing career as a hip-hop artist and is gradually making his mark on the rap scene, one track at a time.

“GOD’S WILL” is RXCO NATAL’s latest project; an album that has been tapped from NATAL’s own life and everything he has been through to become the artist he is now. With lyrics exploring ups and downs, the highs and lows, and that relentless pursuit of excellence that has kept RXCO going, this album is inspirational as much as it is impactful.

“INTRO” is RXCO autobiography and a way for him to let the listener know, albeit briefly, who he is and where he comes from. This is his way of laying the foundation for this exceptional album that feels way ahead of its time.

“ROCKIN WIT” is a neck-snapping banger that features guest artist Dizzy Wright. The beats are way too sick, and the delivery is undeniably slick. Wright sets the tone with his sky-high level of lyricism, which is equally matched by RXCO’s own inventive lyrical masterclass around an identifiable theme that the track has been built around.

“LET US GO” is another special masterpiece that highlights RXCO NATAL’s innate ability to blend impeccable melodies with engaging rhythms. The production for this track is top-notch, giving the release enough clarity and punch to really let the audience appreciate every nuance of it. NATAL’s performance is diverse and spontaneous; a huge demonstration of what passion should really be about.

In “DIE YOUNG”, RXCO really packs an appropriate punch with his delivery that is profound and full of heartfelt conviction. There is a soulfulness to the beat that makes it feel nostalgic and really sucks the listener in, rewarding them with a memorable listening experience. I also love the integration of Luther Gram’s animated “If Loving You Is Wrong” into the mix…gives it such dynamic elegance and flair.

“BLAME” feels theatrical and really demands the listener’s attention from the get-go. I don’t know, but there is something about the cinematic score around the track’s rhythm that gave me similar vibes as Big Sean’s “I Don’t Fuck With You” Do you guys remember that track? That’s right!

RXCO NATAL’s witty charm and unmatched stage presence make everything he performs feel better tenfold—he’s got that natural impact on tracks. He is the type of artist you’d put on the most boring record, and somehow he will manage to make it sound better.

“WAY I GET IT” is another adrenaline-rushing collaboration featuring the undisputed Rick Ross. The duo makes it worth a listener’s while over the heavy production in a way that leaves the listener amped up and in good moods.

As an artist and songwriter, RXCO NATAL has developed a distinctive style of rap music that is inspired by his insatiable passion for music and different creative influences, which he incorporates with such proficiency and awe-inspiring showmanship!

“GOD’S WILL” is a demonstration of RXCO’s limitless versatility and creativity both as a performer and songwriter.

To run it up for him, follow the provided link and indulge in this masterpiece in its entirety. This is the mark of a first-class lyricist coming through with the rule-breaking swagger of a pirate!

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