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Sabet and Doherty’s “The Secret” EP Unveils a Melodic Pop/Rock Masterclass with Electrifying Guitar Licks and Powerful Vocals

Taking their listeners to a distant place within the realms of melodic pop/rock with their eclectic catalog of melody-driven songs is the Sabet & Doherty musical duo made up of Steven Sabet and Brian Doherty. Their new EP, “The Secret,” is a prime fusion of emotive vocals, drum virtuosity, and insane guitar licks where each member gets a platform to showcase their talent and shine in the limelight. The result is a melting pot of musical success, which is the duo’s distinguishing feature as they hit audiences, one hook at a time!

The two initially met as side musicians in a NYC band. Doherty was a drummer with ‘They Mighty Be Giants’, ‘Freedy Johnston’ and ‘Ben Folds’, among others. Sabet, on the other hand, played guitar in the bands Darby Jones’ and “MORE.”. Currently, he is a concertmaster in the NJ Guitar Orchestra. As they continued interacting, a musical chemistry was sparked between them, and they decided to start making music together as Sabet & Doherty.

“The Secrets” is an 18-minute collection that serves as a groundbreaking milestone in the duo’s music endeavors, displaying growth and maturity as artists and highlighting the duo’s versatility. The 4-track collection features profound and ear-catching harmonies that span across pop and rock incredibly.

The EP kicks off with the nostalgic, 80s-inspired pop-rock masterpiece title track that takes you back to the golden age of pop-rock music, triggering memories that are bound to stay with you forever. Blending the lively and upbeat instrumentation with silky, smooth, ambient vocal resonance, this track distinctly captures your listening senses and displays showmanship far beyond Sabet and Doherty’s years. The duo continues to raise the bar with this performance while redefining the genre’s standards magnificently!

“You Will” comes off like a ‘feel-good’ type of pop-rock anthem. Featuring some wavy atmospheric guitars and punchy drum work over the soul-bumping production and ear worming vocals, this track is performed with a contagious style that is just as addicting as it is captivating. You’ve also got to appreciate the duo’s desire to get to the heart of this tune, ensuring you have a memorable listening experience.

“At the Brink of Dawn” is another ear-grabbing instrumental masterpiece that reels a listener in right from the intro. Brimming with melody and bursting with sublime guitar virtuosity, this track is a masterclass in guitar technique that blends a splendid sense of showmanship with awe-inspiring musicality.

I love how, at the intro, the guitar solo and riff go back and forth, exuding a call-and-response flair that lays the foundation for this track. As the track builds, more instrumental ideas are added, and the more it grows, the more vibrant it gets as the duo unleashes a timeless medley of electric guitar riffs and dutiful drums to fashion a powerful rock masterpiece with a howling presence—and the track is 6 minutes long!

The last track, “DLMD” is indie rock at its finest: the drums set the precedent before the electric guitar riffs join in the mix, followed closely by the warm and haunting vocals to engineer a sound that reaches the core of emotional satisfaction.

The sonic textures and deep-driving beats peppered throughout, “The Secret” is music design done right, and I am quite certain that many listeners will feel the same way once they get a taste `of this timelessly tapped masterpiece that will go on to elevate Sabet and Doherty to international acclaim.

“The Secret” is already streaming on popular digital platforms; follow the attached link so as to listen to this project in its entirety and follow Sabet and Doherty everywhere to receive real time updates on their other endeavors and upcoming projects!

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