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Mexican producer Safari White delivers a breathtaking remix to Key Glock’s “Da Truth.”

Safari White is a Mexican producer who prides himself on his versatility and innate ability to work around trap and EDM beats and somehow manages to find a way to fuse these two exceptional genres together for one evocative sound that turns up the heat on any dance floor globally. Safari White’s versatility and production virtuosity are indicative of a promising career in an industry where the role of music producers is often undervalued and overlooked. So, launch yourself and discover the work of Safari White—grab a bit of that trap showdown and dive into the hip hop/EDM scene with Safari as your guide!

Safari White’s remix of Key Glock’s ‘Da Truth’ takes the sensational rap masterpiece in an entirely new direction, doing justice to its rip-roaring beats that will leave you unable to contain your urge to dance.

Delving deep into the creative process, Safari White seamlessly blends signature hi-hats, ear-grabbing snares, high-end 808s, pounding bass lines, and rickety synths with EDM-flavored percussion that fits the track like a new garment

Safari White’s ability to articulate such a masterpiece and infuse it with his signature stamp and dynamism is pure magic. The end result is a club banger that can set the scene for any occasion.

This is what Safari White is capable of delivering with his magic hands flanked by his musical brain, which is able to decipher any sound technique and engineer something you never thought possible.

“Da Truth (Safari Remix)” is now streaming on Soundcloud and awaiting your indelible stamp of approval! Follow the attached link and make sure you share this banger with as many listeners as possible!

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