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Norwegian music producer Kim Castle and Harmony Drive’s enchanting remix to the single “Secrets” hits all the right notes

Sometimes you just listen to a track and it hits you with that ‘wow!’ moment; the execution and how it continues to transcend is something close to magical, if not beyond, and you can imagine yourself getting lost in it as it takes you wherever. The song “Secrets,” a remarkable remix by Norwegian producer Kim Castle and eclectic indie, folk, and alternative pop band Harmony Drive, transcends mere music appeal. This is a masterpiece in indie rock and electronic music transcendence that has been skillfully executed, passionately performed, and well-written.

“Secrets” is like a journey, and it has an epic ending. There is no better way to express such a masterpiece, but I revel in this challenge, and so, I’ll try. The gently played piano evokes smooth and mellow tones that set such a dulcet foundation, and the striking, subtle samples subtly join this build-up. At around the 30 second mark, the lead vocalist joins with his soulfully rich, expressive, and sweet-sounding voice of impressive range.

The mellow piano tone is not lost, and it really forms the backbone of this introduction. Soon, the charming guitar spread some delightful melodies all around with their driving tones as the lead vocalist Lars Erik Schjerpen continued haunting with his emotive vocals.

The song continues to transcend, and around the 1:57 mark, more depth is added by the electronic percussion, melded seamlessly with the ever-present keys to exude a cinematic feel. Here, the instrumentation is allowed to thrive without the vocals, leading to another epic transition around the 3:15 mark.

The deep driving beats are unleashed, concocted by the yawning basslines, sawtooth synths, emphatic drums, and intricate percussion. This pulsating blend of rhythm and melody is then around to build, again without the vocals, up to around the 4:00 mark.

Here the vocals re-enter, floating over this vibrant concoction, creating such a memorable appeal. This buoyant soundscape leads to an energetic climax as the thoughtfully hit piano tones haunt until the end.

“Secrets” is like a three-in-one masterpiece! You don’t get it that often, so when you do, you soar in it and do it all over again.

And so, I ask, how is it even possible to adequately describe such a charmer as this? Words alone can never be enough…this is for your ears only. Savor!


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