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Washington DC-based hip hop connoisseur, Selfmade Stunner, elevates rap with his latest project, “Fuck It”.

A hip-hop maestro and maverick, Selfmade Stunner is blazing his own undeniable trail, Selfmade Stunner is anything but ordinary. His insane work ethic, which enables him to consistently produce music, is the only thing that comes close to matching the unmistakable quality of his sounds. And each time, he manages to come back harder with tracks oozing charisma, raw talent, and critically deserved acclaim. His impressive discography has collectively earned him over 8 million streams across all platforms, which is no mean feat for an indie artist like him. His music has become an open diary and a way for Selfmade Stunner to express himself when he previously could not.

Discussing the trials and tribulations he has faced in his life and the struggles of street life that many can relate to, Selfmade Stunner delivers music that is both thought-provoking and emotionally resonant. He is a master with flows and melodies, switching the tempo effortlessly with lyrics that paint a vivid tableau of his life. With his new album, “Fuck It”, he proves that he is far from a one-dimensional rapper who not only talks about his pains but also has the talent to create music with more mainstream appeal, with upbeat tracks and more accessible subject matter.

“Fuck It” is a next-level project for this emcee, who never ceases to amaze with his way with words.  He comes across as articulate and does not shy away from addressing aspiring rappers. This is also an open love letter to his genuine fans, who have been following his every move with great adulation.

Selfmade’s nimble flows as he glides through the track with such confidence and charisma attractively complement the song’s distinct classic beat. He delves into the complexities of relationships, exuding such effortless authenticity with his lyrical command and witty delivery.

In what is a timely reminder that the industry still needs an artist like him, Selfmade lyrically stuns with his inventive flows in the track “They Need Me” which is energetic thanks to that banging trap beat set to masterful, thought-provoking, and expert rhymes. For any hater or someone faint-hearted, his confidence might be perceived as arrogance, potentially off-putting to some…but for an ardent fan, this is exactly what makes Selfmade unique and separates him from the fold.

“Party” lives up to the title with its contagious, adrenaline-packed, and heart-pumping energy. On the mic, Stunner is equally energetic, matching the track’s vibe as he maintains such a strong presence, seamlessly transitioning from one verse to the next. With such a deeply relatable theme about relishing life and living large when the opportunity presents, this banger is the perfect jam to get you in the mood for the weekend!

Lyrically proving that there are “Levels” to this game, Stunner commands the stage with his creatively referential lyrics, showcasing such a hunger to assert his lyrical dexterity with some scene-stealing and clever bars. This song is an ode to that relentless work ethic, hard work, and unwavering determination in pursuit of excellence.

“Another Late Night” is a bona fide standout and another great representation of Stunner’s lyrical ability. Entering the booth with great presence and unleashing some expensive flows with autobiographical lyrics that explore a plethora of life experiences and personal battles, this tune is an honest and introspective reflection of life and how it tests each and every one of us in different ways.

“Voice of the City” is one of the honest revelations on the album, with Selfmade Stunner lyrically exploring the impact of street violence and crime and how the mothers are hit hard with the devastating deaths of their sons and daughters. He packs such an appropriate punch with self-aware and introspective lyrics, exuding such heartfelt conviction with his deeply relatable subject matter. This track depicts the harsh realities of the streets where more often than not, or are killed and where bad company or envy often results in violence and death. Stunner delivers some assertive bars as an ode to the power of music to self-express and provide an outlet for pent-up emotions.

The title track, “Fuck It” sees Stunner adopt a conversational tone as he confidently raves over his own blissful creation, reminding listeners of his claim to the title of G.O.A.T.

“Fuck It” is such a thoughtful and incredible body of work that any rap music fanatic immediately falls in love with it. Already streaming on all the popular channels, here is your chance to tap into greatness and experience what real hip-hop music is all about!

‎F**k It – Album by Selfmade Stunner – Apple Music


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