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The single “TEAR DROP” from London-based songstress SHARONY’s EP “In Love with Being in Love” is beautifully haunting.

Refusing to be put in a musical box, SHARONY whose explorative journey through diverse soundscapes is as exciting as her voice. Singers who use their voices to tell stories have always drawn her in. Drawing on some of her musical luminaries’ influences, she strives to reinvent the wheel, blending multiple styles and genres while singing tales of love, life, and the navigation of everyday chaos. Music has always been in her blood, and she was always destined to sing. A woman of undeniable skill, talent, and exceptional artistry—with unique melodies and lyrics, versatile music, empowering messages, and a distinct voice of pure range and power—she is destined to flourish as an innovative artistic powerhouse.

She has been making waves with her new EP, “In Love with Being in Love”, her third EP released within two years. She weaves stories of love and relationships in this EP that has received widespread critical acclaim from far and wide.

SHARONY delves into themes of loss, with lyrics reflecting the fragmented feelings of a heart wary of new relationships.

Her voice is beautifully haunting and subtly dreamy, and she vividly paints pictures with her visual storytelling, transporting a listener into her world and allowing them to find their own personal connections with her words.

Packing an appropriate punch with this heartfelt performance, SHARONY showcases her innate ability to tug at listeners’ heartstrings and the power of music to capture the essence of lived human experiences as well as the raw emotions that drive us.

With high-end production complementing SHARONY’s delivery, “TEAR DROP” is a piece of undeniable ear candy that evokes emotions and showcases the varied enjoyment of pop music.

To stream and add this jam to your playlist, follow the link below, and make sure you recommend it to your friends and family.

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