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American rock band SHIV delivers a politically charged anthem with their latest single, “Wishing”

The musical ensemble SHIV has preserved the very purity and essence of rock music, maintaining the authenticity and emotional depth that has enamored many music lovers. With lyrics that delve into mental health, relationships, and everyday life, SHIV boldly addresses controversial issues such as war, government negligence, racism, classism, and fascism—topics often avoided by other bands. The music’s beauty stems from its heartfelt delivery, directly targeting the listener’s emotions. So, sit back, relax, and enjoy. You’re certainly in the right place.

Drenched in poignancy and raw honesty, this masterpiece sees the band confront societal issues in the most memorable and meaningful ways.

Have you ever stopped to really think about who benefits from war? Why are there these half-hearted attempts to really end it, and why do most of the so called powerful nations always choose one side, no matter how wrong that side is? And what we’ve been told is that the other groups are setting foot on the wrong side of history. But perhaps a side was already chosen for them. One that does not even make it to the history books!

As you ponder over that, let’s talk about “Wishing” for a minute. The tuneful guitar intro sets a charming and mellow intro for the song and lays a captivating backdrop for the lead vocalist’s expressive and emotive vocals. He breathes life into the song with poignant lyrics, striking all the right emotional chords as he sings.

As the song progresses, it transcends both emotions and melodies, with precise yet emphatic drums blending seamlessly into the mix, enhancing the infectious rhythm and melody as the emotive vocals resonate deeply with listeners.

The line reference set the world on fire, then blame it on the war, really encapsulates this track’s powerful theme, and it is clear to whom it is addressed. This is a performance that does not tiptoe around its subject matter, and that is its greatest strength.

The backing vocal harmonies add spice and emotional appeal, while impeccably played solos and a raw vocal performance give the song a distinct edge.

“Wishing” is powerful, emotional, and backed by what might be considered a powerfully contentious subject matter. Is there anything more a music fan would want? I guess not!


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