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Rapper SKG Graces the Afro Awards

It’s difficult to find a hip-hop performer who has moved from her humble roots to international fame more successfully than LA-based queen Helecia Choyce, who goes professionally as SKG. This former Death Row Records superstar is finally receiving her flowers and getting the recognition she deserves. This was echoed during the Afro Awards event, held at the famed Directors Guild of America, where she won plaques for her trailblazing work with BLAKDOUT Records and received recognition for her previous work at Death Row Records.

With this worthy recognition for a hardworking woman who has been succeeding on multiple fronts as a singer, rapper, actress, and entrepreneur, SKG hopes her platform demonstrates to others that success is achievable by staying true to oneself and pursuing goals relentlessly. She sees her rise to eminence and recognition as proof that Black women are commercially viable in an industry that has traditionally suggested otherwise.

In attendance at this event, now in its second year, were Richard Lawson, Jason Lee, Amber Washington, Yung Muusik, Snoop Dogg, Danielle Crawley, Isokenny, Rachel Mbuki, Dr. Michael K. Obeng, and many more.

As SKG continues to maintain mainstream stardom, balancing records and stage shows with film and other multimedia projects, alongside charitable activities, she is an embodiment of black female excellence and such an exemplary role model for millions of women out there looking to achieve their dreams and astonish the world with their talents, resilience, and strength.

The Afro Awards recognize and acclaim excellence in music, film, television, sports, fashion, entrepreneurship, and philanthropy, and this year was no different. Great speeches all around and unforgettable live performances by well-known artists from all over made the event memorable.

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Follow rapper SKG on Instagram and listen to her music on well-known platforms such as Spotify. Her latest album, “Unfinished Business” which was inspired by her late brother, is doing really well and is worth checking out.
She also collaborated on the globally acclaimed project “Big

Chains, Big Grill (Reboot’D)” featuring EDM music producers Bobby Blakdout and B1GL1CK and Texas’ own Paul Wall. This track has amassed over 800,000 Spotify streams.

This is more than enough proof that you should already have it in your playlist if you haven’t already!

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