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Kansas based up-and-coming hip hop emcee SL Jabarie lyrically pulls up “On The Block”

He is a straight shooter who aims straight to the head and brings a level of lyrical ingenuity and sound invention way beyond his age; at just 16 years old, Kansas-based promising hip hop and rap artist is already turning heads with his hard-hitting style and freakish cadences as he rides over any type of beat as if he’s on a jet ski. He’s got the talent, the swag and that unwavering determination and sheer will to succeed in the game and leave an indelible mark on the music industry with his rap trademark.

“On The Block” is his latest offering to the mainstream and it is a total banger that highlights his lyrical command as well as inimitable presence over trap beats.

The beat is heavy with a sawtooth bass that rattles the floor, the powerful 808, snares, hi- hats and swirling drums, providing the perfectly smooth highway for SL to ride with his smart bars, hard-hitting punchlines and intricate wordplay.

He has such a strong presence over the beat, exuding charm and charisma and a fierce personality all at the same time.

Typical with trap-fueled music, there is that braggadocios attitude with rhymes that speak highly of the artist he is and his aims to take over. This is more like an affirmation that he is like a wave of tsunami that is about to wreck havoc…but in a good way!

This is a performance brimming with style, flow, cadence, personality and attitude. The lyricism is first-class, the beat selection is excellent and he really sells himself…this is to say that this is a bona fide masterpiece that deserves to be in your favorite playlist ASAP!

Follow the attached link, listen to the music with the volume at its maximum and add the track to your music library.

Be on the lookout for more jams from this budding rapper who has barely scratched the surface!

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