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Breathing New Life to the Hip-Hop Scene Snow Tha Saint Set to Make His Stamp With His EP “Now or Never”

Snow Tha Saint Now or Never

Marcus Johnson is an upcoming artist who hails from Bartow, Florida, and goes by the stage name Snow Tha Saint. Mark this name for his is a success story that is calibrated with creative capitalization; like a master of creation, he made something great out of a horribly bad situation. His dark past haunted him like a plague and he even found himself facing 180 days of jail time and rather than sulk and feel sorry about himself, he ameliorated taking advantage of those moments away from the world to gather his thoughts and hone in on his skills musically and lyrically and when you listen to his lyrical infusion you get to notice immediately that there are some thought-provoking lyrics that have been thoroughly worked on patiently and with a lot of introspection and mature patience to go with them. He fashioned the cause of his music and now paying tribute to the new and old hip hop sounds alike, he comes through in terrific fashion like the most decorated new face artist of all time bringing with him his new EP “Now or Never” which is a 9-piece collection set to be officially released on Valentine’s day to add magic flair to a day synonymous with love.

All these tracks have certain bountifulness to their melody that has been detained by the copious atmospheric synths, the rip-rollicking drums, the deep-phased bass, and the background charming piano tones that are expertly arranged and splendidly mixed to give a spectacular wide sound all through. The opening track “Heata’” is an alluring and hard-hitting track that soothes the mind with the opening tune of the piano before taking a swash-buckling dive with the tremendous bass, the resounding drums, and the compelling atmospheric synths that make their mark time and time again. His lyrical dexterity is complemented with his powerful and commanding rap voice that has maturity and technicality to itself utilizing its effortless flow and strength to full effects.

One of my favorite tracks “Classic” in which he featured LoudLoui slaps with the bass and even Metro Booming would approve of such production brilliance! Everything is spot on from the outstanding and exploding instrumentations, to the lyrical exchange between the two rappers making wordplay trend in crisp fashion and the way the explicit content is unfolded is a joy to listen to and captures the essence of the hip-hop genre perfectly. All the tracks including “Message” and the proverbial icing on the cake “Sauce#2015” freestyle is why a listener should be camped right here on the charismatic sounds of Snow Tha Saint. This is what cultural music is all about and my guy is just getting started, wait until he settles down and the entire music rooster will not fathom what just hit them!

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