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Kalamazoo-based hip-hop duo Social Lubricant’s self-titled album feels like the album of the year!

From the creative depths of Kalamazoo comes Social Lubricant, whose self-titled record is a deep look into the human mind, existential dread, and the bittersweet tang of self-discovery. This hip-hop duo has made a name for themselves since they formed in 2014, with their deep, introspective lyrics and themes that touch on existentialism, the search for meaning, and the complicated dance with self-medication. They are known for their raw, unfiltered storytelling, they accompany their narratives with captivating beats seldom explored in the industry.

From the outset, “Sun Tzu Flow” plunges the listener into the tumultuous waves of Social Lubricant’s internal discourse, delivering a hard-hitting testament to the suffocating pressures of societal norms and the fervent desire to break free. Their words, “I don’t want to be here I just want to leave here I can’t fucking breathe here I’ll hack the system,” reverberate with the urgency of escape and liberation.

“Smile” further delves into the duo’s introspective journey, questioning existence itself amidst feelings of insignificance. The haunting production and emotive delivery layer the poignant, “What the fuck am I alive for? What’s my purpose? Hurting since my birth always feels worthless,” highlighting the raw, unvarnished truth of their narrative.

“Summer Nights” offers a melodic reprieve, weaving nostalgia with a touch of melancholy. The track reminisces on fleeting moments of joy and the simplicity of youth, yet underneath the upbeat tempo lies a longing for times past, captured in the vivid imagery of “summer nights hold you tight like a crackhead grips the pipe that’s the life drinking natural light with my future wife.”

While the whole album is a regal body of work, “Bags” is hands-down our favorite track. This song shows how good Social Lubricant is at telling stories by drawing vivid pictures of desire and the allure of temptation. It’s easy to imagine detailed scenes set to the hypnotic beat, like “She’s the kind to make a man stare like in front of his wife with his kids all there.” “Bags” shows how complicated human emotions and social scrutiny can be, wrapping the viewer in a story that is both interesting and easy to relate to.

The album continues to challenge societal measures of worth in “Drug$,” questioning the value placed on productivity over personal well-being. Through lines like “Some drugs hurt productivity and that does not injure me cause I am not defined by what I produce,” Social Lubricant asserts a defiant stance against conventional metrics of success.

“Pill Yourself” confronts the shadows of addiction and self-destruction with unflinching honesty. The track’s raw depiction of struggle and the quest for escape from pain highlights the duo’s vulnerability and the dark realities of dependency.

“You Must Mean Something to Me” is a haunting reflection on mental health and the solace often sought in substances. The somber melody and introspective lyrics offer a window into the soul’s deepest recesses, wrestling with inner turmoil and the search for peace.

True to its title, “Schwifty” lightens the mood, encouraging a momentary retreat from life’s demands to embrace the present. Its laid-back vibe and reflective lyrics serve as a reminder to slow down and savor life’s simpler pleasures.

“Taste Me” ventures into the realms of power dynamics and self-assertion, with provocative lyrics and bold delivery painting a portrait of defiance and strength amidst adversity.

“Yeah Right” emerges as an anthem of resilience and self-assurance, with a potent beat and vigorous lyrics that dismiss detractors and affirm the duo’s unshakeable confidence.

As the album’s closing track, “Work Hard” captures Social Lubricant’s thoughtful thoughts on how short-lived success is and how important it is to keep going. This song, along with the previous ones’ reflective thoughts and catchy beats, shows how the duo has grown and gained a deeper knowledge of how complicated life is, connecting themes of reflection, defiance, and vulnerability.

The record by Social Lubricant is like a fascinating story puzzle that takes you on a journey through your inner being. The album’s moving lyrics and emotional performance not only show how versatile the duo is, but they also reflect our inner lives, making it a must-listen for anyone who wants to learn more about the complexities of being human.

Follow the link below to become a part of Social Lubricant’s journey of self-reflection and enjoy the depth of their stories and musical skill.

Keep up with Social Lubricant on Instagram to join them on their ongoing musical journey.


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