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Korean American songstress Stella Cher Lee’s debut EP, “2:22” takes listeners on a boundary-pushing journey.

Music has always been a mainstay for singer-songwriter and performer Stella Cher Lee, ever since she was a young girl, jamming to music on the stereo and singing along joyfully to her favorite artists’ tracks on the radio. People around her started spotting her singing talent, and that’s how she found herself as the lead singer in her church choir. Sadly, unanticipated and uncontrollable things happened in her life that threatened to end her career even before it had properly kicked off, but that fateful encounter with Dante Juhkel, who is now her friend and producer, changed everything. This teaches us that sometimes fate aligns to bring us closer to our destiny by bringing good people to us—people who believe in us more than we do.

Despite battling numerous personal challenges, Stella’s indomitable spirit resonates powerfully throughout her music, as you will experience in this debut EP. Her emotive lyricism combined with her raw and organic storytelling approach makes her not only a remarkable artist but an inspiration to any up-and-coming artist with the aim of making their dreams a reality.

With “2:22”, Stella takes us on a genre-blending odyssey into soulful R&B and pop. With its diversity, this EP solidifies her place in the global music scene. This isn’t merely an album; it’s a testament to her strength, creativity, and resilience. The album is a promise of more beautiful music to come, a testament to her unwavering artistic vision, and a love letter to her fans. This is an album to play on repeat as each track captures the echoes of Stella’s exquisite and sweet voice, sure to endure through time.

Take, for example, the song “Player”- a deeply addicting and enchanting raw masterpiece with impeccable phrasing and an unforgettable chorus at its heart. The song eases into its unique and beautiful melody with a captivating hook;

“You know I’m a player

I can’t be your savior

Sorry I gotta go

You know my behavior

I’m not tryna to date you

I’m just trying to run the show”

Demonstrating that her voice has a lot of depth, she ebbs and flows through the lush instrumentation, exuding an irresistible allure. Drawing inspiration from real human experiences and emotions, including toxic love, this tune easily earns its recommendation.

“Working On You” is another bona fide standout that features a cinematic intro that sets the tone before the dense and bass-heavy beat kicks in, escorted gloriously by Stella’s raw vocals that are gentle and powerful. This tune is energetic and uplifting; her heartfelt performance will have you completely lost in the musical moment!

“Body 2 Body” is a masterclass in contemporary R&B and pop with a broad appeal thanks to the rap vocals and production by Dante. Stella’s hopeful and sensual voice, full of richness, is sure to resonate deeply with listeners.

Tell you what, “2:22” is the product of an artist at the summit of her creative expression who is ready to make her mark on the music scene and leave an indelible impact with her dynamic sound and distinct vocals.

While she may not put herself in a box musically, Stella undoubtedly checks all the right boxes. She is a rare gem hidden amid the chaos of the music scene. Her brave spirit is matched by her innovative musical vision and delivery, and her faultless, powerful voice and impressive range result from the deep emotional resonance and rhythm of the blues.

The future looks so bright for this phenomenal artist, who is certainly going to astonish the music world with her rare gifts.

Follow the attached link to stream “2:22” in its entirety and let us know how you feel about her artistry.

Follow Stella on Instagram to get up close and personal with her.

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