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Encinitas-based guitarist and instrumental songwriter Steven Peltier mesmerizes with his latest album, “Fortress North”

When an artist delivers such a powerful punch with a collection that boasts 10 tracks, all carrying distinct melodic flavors and thematic essences, then it is safe to say that he has a golden touch and such a forward-thinking and visionary capacity as a music composer and songwriter. Steven Peltier is making waves with his sophomore album, “Fortress North,” a 10-track project that defies resistance, transcending even the toughest of hearts. The album’s melodies weave through the cracks in our emotional armor, unlocking a world of emotions and connections that words alone could never hope to reach. The music here speaks in a profound and universal language that transcends all barriers.

For Steven, the guitar has always been a source of endless expression that is more direct and efficient than any combination of words he could say. With this album, the album offers a rich variety of guitar melodies, virtuosity, and awe-inspiring musicianship.

“Fortress North” is a genuine project with clear narratives. The album takes listeners on an expedition, like the chapters of a book, without lyrics or dialogue, told purely through musical beats.

“Kennedy Drive” captures the liberating feeling of a solo drive. The open road spreads out ahead for you, offering a sense of freedom and possibility that’s hard to find anywhere else. As you leave your worries behind and hit the gas, it’s like shredding the weight of the world and embracing the present moment. This tune is full of gloriously sounding guitar tones and riffs, plenty of melodic sass, and an undeniably cheeky sense of character. The arrangement is excellent, and the production is top-notch to authenticate a track that revels in its definite sense of musical identity and radiantly assertive demeanor.

The riff and drum intro that grows and expands vigorously is what sets the tone for the song “Ineffectual Property”, perhaps mirroring the disappointment at folks who steal your contributions to intellectual property. This is the kind of track that gets you shaking your head with great vigor as the energetic instrumentation painlessly cours through your veins!

The title track is a brilliantly audacious masterpiece, shining in its striking rock n’ roll flamboyance; there is an elegance and sonic beauty exuded here that is breathtakingly beautiful and haunting. Particular merit also needs to be awarded to the production and overall mix; this is a great-sounding track that boasts both great clarity and detail. It’s clearly evident that time has been put into making the track feel both live and dynamic. This impressive blend of rhythm and melody captures the listener’s attention with great precision, and the bombastic nature of the song’s rhythmic elements ensures audiences are kept enthralled from start to finish.

“When You Say My Name” has a blues-rock feel about it. The stylistic caliber of the roots sound gives it a nostalgic vibe, which adds to its ballad weight. Steven serves up a sonically intriguing tune that combines flamboyant instrumentals with a ton of personality, resulting in a track that has a definite sense of swagger and invokes a sense of familiarity and nostalgia.

The enigmatic “Banana Approach” sees Steven join forces with his 12-year-old son (who plays the muscular drums here) for an epic-sounding piece that is well-realized and terrifically executed. This song mirrors the son’s thematic essence about a giant radioactive banana that is trying to take over the world…scary, right? That explains the track’s otherworldly flourishes in grand scope!

There is a lot to ingest from this outstanding body of work. Steven invites all the music lovers to come and have a taste of authentic and emotionally gratifying music. He hopes that you have as much fun as he had creating it!

For more updates on his creative endeavors, consider checking out Steven on Instagram!

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