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Strength Skateboards Music Presents: “Hallways” featuring Bfg & Caust Draven

Strength Skateboards - Hallways

Strength Skateboards Music has been a hotbed of rapidly rising talent in hip hop, R&B, soul, and others, bringing some of the best talents in the game and taking their musical gifts to the next level. One such talent is the lyrical genius Bfg with a penchant for fusing real-life situations with melody to achieve something world-class and ear worming. He has been hailed as the next big thing when it comes to lyrical rap, and when you get the chance to experience him do his thing live, you know that he is someone who is about to meet and surpass superstardom.

The single, “Hallways,” was actually not something that was planned but just came almost casually from things Bfg had been witnessing, and it really is so funny how a track that was not even on the horizon feels this great… sometimes it’s the simple, unplanned things that really work out.

This track is now part of something bigger; it’s the first single off of an upcoming EP dubbed “Essence of the Tree”. “Hallways,” featuring guest star Caust Draven, really is epic, and beyond all else, it’s street and urban music. This will get you feeling the vibe from the start to the finish.

Bfg comes through with a deep concoction of rapid-fire rhymes as he goes on to deliver a wise perspective and masterful flow over the gritty hip-hop production that reflects the true essence of rap music.

The accompanying music video is a visual treat on its own that really fits in with the track’s narrative and storyline.

A track of this quality really solidifies Bfg’s legacy and is a huge testament to a career built on great ears for a hook and a melody with his exceptional vocals and well-crafted flows and cadence engineering classic, original ear candy of this nature.

There is still more to come from Bfg including his much anticipated EP, which is in its final stages…for now follow the attached link and let “Hallways” be part of your go-to anthem from this day…and while at it, make sure you don’t get caught up in the hallways!

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