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Budding rock duo Students Eclipsed’s double single, “White Matchbox In Denim Blue” transcends music and time!

An up-and-coming rock duo made up of best friends Michael Anzalone and Brandon Allen, Students Eclipsed are creatively pushing the genre boundaries with their distinct and lively sound that takes cues from a host of influences, including but not limited to rock, pop, jazz, blues, and hip hop. Students Eclipsed has emerged as a versatile, driven duo with an insatiable passion for creativity and also possesses an incendiary and captivating delivery that reaches beyond the standard auditory experience.

What sets them apart is their knack for crafting unique lyrics that transport the audience into a transcendental listening experience, weaving together elements of unorthodox storytelling with emotive delivery. That is exactly what happens in their new double single, “White Matchbox In Denim Blue”

For new listeners, the title track presents a rich tapestry of musical performance, infusing the song with a unique essence. The sheer grandeur and authenticity of the chosen instrumentation, especially those irresistible riffs, envelop the listener in a whirlwind of sonic splendor. What’s more, this raw masterpiece has been adorned with a seductive hook that effortlessly enthralls and captivates.

This is one of those tracks that are perfectly suited for a live performance; it is the kind of track that sucks the audience in and gets them completely lost in the music as they sing along to that catchy chorus like no one’s listening.

In beautiful contrast to the emotional depth of the title track, “Merry-Go-Round” exudes a feel-good, light-hearted experience with a crisp production. As the track progresses, Students Eclipsed unleashes a timeless medley of arena-sized riffs and drums, and self-assured vocals, luring the listener in and rewarding them with an unforgettable experience.

Students Eclipsed is gearing up for the release of their debut album, a project expected to mark a new direction for this exceptionally musical duo who are at the summit of their creative expression.

Sink your teeth into this enchanting double single by following the attached link and letting the music form part of your routine listening experience.

To stay in the loop on developing matters as far as Students Eclipsed’s artistry is concerned, follow them on Instagram 

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