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Superdestroyer’s First Single “Breathe You” off of the Ep “Money Greed Regret Aggression”

Superdestroyer Breathe You

The fortune maker and certified alternative industrial sound maker Richard Brummond is the lead member and main composer of his music label “Superdestroyer” and hails from Sacramento, California. He has unrivaled experience when it comes to the technicalities of audio engineering and music production, working as an in-house engineer in multiple world-class recording studios around the world. In his EP “Money Greed Regret Aggression” he collaborated with Norwegian musician and producer Andre Myhren (Harmony Drive, Bulk) to craft certified bangers that are both melodic and very technically sound without losing the dynamic nature of the industrial sound. Even renowned industry mastering engineer Maor Appelbaum got to be involved with the finishing touches of the album. Today’s focus is the single “Breathe You” which is staggeringly evocative and charged up the industrial full-house package that is head rushing right from the start to the end!

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This is a fiery track that emerges from the aggressive sounds of engines revving and the thunderous syncopated electronically percussive elements. As the track builds, Richard unleashes a timeless medley of electric guitar, upright and rigid bass lines and some aggressively painted vocals, laying a combatively steady foundation with a raucous automotive anthem. Cementing the alternative industrial sound and delivering plenty of intense rhythms, Richard plays a tremendously enormous role in making this sound what it is – hands down to such genuine brilliance!

This track hits the right nerves powerfully and you will have it on repeat as you move your body animatedly and wildly to such inundated melody that fits in like a puzzle and the top-notch production and deliveries combining at this astonishing stage to ensure you have an unforgettable listening experience. You really can’t make this stuff up! Richard is such a genius gem and should be protected like some national treasure – for he truly is! This track has already amassed over 43.2 K streams on Spotify alone and is still counting.

Superdestroyer has over 6.4 K monthly Spotify listeners and this new single as well as the whole of the EP is available on Spotify, Apple Music, Google Music, Tidal, and all major streaming platforms. Make sure to stream it, save it under your favorites library, share it, and most importantly, let yourself be consumed by its charged-up fire!

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