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Sweet Limb’s “Meditate” is a smooth canvas of melody and reflections.

A quartet based out of the Austin area, Sweet Limb makes soul-grabbing music that is enjoyed for its crystal-clear polish, exquisite quality, and thought-provoking execution. Unlike your usual hip-hop, rap, or R&B music, this band actually makes music for the soul. They are not obsessed as much with quantity as with quality. They have held themselves up to a certain higher standard, and it is therefore no fluke that their music is generating considerable buzz on the international scene. Their single “Relate” actually charted at #11 on the iTunes Hip-Hop and Rap charts. Their Spotify channels currently boast over 12K monthly listeners, and the numbers aren’t looking too bad. They have also showcased such a knack for audience connection with their live performances in various Austin, TX, venues, always taking listeners on a journey with their ear-catching music.

“Meditate” lives up to its title. It’s one of those jams that gets you in your feelings as you catch the vibe, get whisked away to Sweet Limb’s world, and reflect on the depth of lyricism, which again has been delightfully complemented by the skillful execution of the music.

The thoughtfully hit drums, mellow keys, and the impeccable synth work create delightful melodies all around, perfectly complementing the scene-stealing rap vocals.

Spitting some wisdom in such mature tones showcases an emcee with vast experience. The guest artist, Norman BA$E accentuates the weight of the jam with his refreshing bars that pertain to the song’s lyrical narrative.

It is in Sweet Limb’s unique and individual skills that their collective power is found, and the result is a track like this that is chill, nostalgic in a way and the perfect accompaniment to those late-night introspective walks.

After making waves with their critically acclaimed EPs, “Vibes” and “NICE,” Sweet Limb is now gearing up for the release of a brand new EP, “Low Key,” set to debut on January 5, 2024. You better get ready for some greatness.

To add “Meditate” to your chill-hop playlist, check out the link below.

For more information, check out the website,

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