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Pairing Cohesive Lyrics with Solid Productions, Austin’s Favorite Hip-Hop Band, Sweet Limb, Is Set to Return with an Incredible EP, “Mellow Yellow”

Beyond challenging listeners with the level of lyrical versatility they can unleash, the 4-piece band Sweet Limb has proven to be capable of going head-to-head with your favorite famed rap artists. This group combines grandiose conscious rap with certain quintessential and flavored components of alternative R&B to create a delectable concoction that ingratiates itself with every listener, regardless of genre inclinations. Their music highlights their lyrical inventiveness in creating anthems based on real-life events. It is little surprise that some of their past releases have gone on to chart on the Billboard.

Sweet Limb is set to return with another excellent EP, “Mellow Yellow,” where the diversity of their sound will shine impeccably. This upcoming 3-track EP is expected to feature a dynamic diversity of sounds while still maintaining Sweet Limb’s distinct style.

The anticipated smoothness of the production is something to look forward to, and the vocalist is poised to not disappoint with his lyrical prowess, showcasing such poetic finesse that it is bound to strike a chord with anyone lucky enough to listen to this EP.

From the first track, “Who U Run Wit?” expected to be catchy and infectious with a haunting beat, to the second track, “That Good Smoke,” which promises timeless vibes and features some intricate wordplay, and the last jam, “Heart On A Shelf,” anticipated to feel nostalgic yet familiar, each tune will likely unfold like chapters of a well-scripted novel, seamlessly integrating into the next without the EP losing its authentic shape.

As the release date of June 28th approaches, the excitement builds for the unveiling of “Mellow Yellow.” Each member of Sweet Limb contributes to the cohesiveness of this EP, making it really special. It is quite difficult to describe with words the effect this music is expected to have on a listener. It feels as though it will transport you to another dimension and headspace, where the music speaks directly to your soul, allowing you to catch a vibe akin to the effect of a euphoric drug.

“Mellow Yellow” is set to be good music, and good music sells itself; I feel this EP will go on to succeed and further elevate Sweet Limb’s international acclaim. Mark your calendars for June 28th, as Sweet Limb delivers their latest sonic journey.

To experience these magical performances soon, keep an eye on the link attached and let the music transport you to different realms, as Sweet Limb most probably desired when creating it.


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