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Sylvie Chibiliti Delivers a Heartwarming and Soulful Performance in Her Cover, “Available to You”

Sylvie Chibiliti is a Zambian-born singer and songwriter who is currently based in the United States. Music has always been an open diary and a way for her to express herself when she previously could not. Discussing the trials and tribulations that she has faced in her life and finally offering hope through Jesus Christ in ways that so many people can relate to, her gospel-inspired sound has a way of connecting deeply with its listener through its moving spirit, depth of worship, fellowship, and unstoppable testimonies and victories. Sylvie is indeed inspired by her own personal experience of God’s refining work.

The popular song “Available to You” is a cover of Rev Milton Brunson’s “Lord I’m Available to You.” Whilst still managing to maintain the original song’s compositional elements, Sylvie makes her mark all over with such an authentic, raw, soulful, impassioned, and powerful vocal presentation over the laid-back and touching piano keys that complement her performance so perfectly.

The lyrics to this tune have been serving as her daily prayer and are a testimony to inspire people who feel like they are too far gone or broken. God will find and meet you where you are no matter how deep in the jungle you may find yourself. And also to encourage those who know God to always stand firm in the faith no matter what the world may throw at them. Through everything, just surrender yourself to him and all shall be well.

Her voice speaks directly to your heart and soul as she exercises immaculate vocal control with the soulful lead and backing vocal harmonies touching a listener to the core. She also hits those low and high notes with admirable virtuosity with her voice that holds so much faultless power.

To get a taste of this inspiring music; follow the attached link, stream the tune and add it as a favorite so as to always get motivated when you’re feeling like you can’t go further.

Catch Up With Sylvie Chibilition:

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