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Rapidly rising hip hop entertainer T3mpo Tai is set to drop his new banger, “Too Much,” on February 24, 2023.

The first of his name and a top-rated hip-hop influencer, T3mpo Tai has been bringing the heat right into the middle of the rap table, going on to demand the attention of the local and regional hip-hop community with his expensive bars and unequalled stage presence. It’s actually funny how people talk about hip hop as if it had 4 or even 5 elements, but I feel that it boils down to one element: emceeing. A first-rate emcee of his generation, T3mpo Tai ingeniously presents the new and the old alike in a manner that fits the bill and bridges the gap between these two imperative hip-hop generations!

Come the 24th of February 2023, T3mpo Tai will be taking his game to the next level with the release of a raw, emotionally stinging, and infectious banger dubbed, “Too Much.” A deeply relatable anthem, this is the soundtrack for all those who have been doing the most—trying to make ends meet by working and busting their asses off for the dream to turn into reality!

Doing “Too Much” over the mic with his vibrant rap voice, T3mpo Tai displays his lyrical worth by coming through with some impactful rhymes, bar to bar, in a way that lets a listener develop their own deep connection with the rhymes. Throwing some clever punchlines effortlessly and capping that off with some catchy hooks, Tai easily turns this into a street anthem!

The beats are heavy with a seamless blend of the signature hi-hats, the low-end 808s, some thumping basslines, rickety synths, and punchy drums over the haunting piano riffs in the background that accompany the rhythm and melody throughout the track’s length!

There is no doubt that “Too Much” will appeal to loyal hip-hop purists since it has been rooted in the traditionalism of authentic hip-hop; it is as entertaining as it is impactful!

Mark 24th on all your calendars and make sure you follow T3mpo Tai everywhere so as to receive real-time updates!

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