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American Songwriter and Performer Taylor Grey Has a New Deeply Moving and Personal-Inspired Album Titled, “Twilight Hour”

Taylor Grey is an artist who has always felt at ease and at home with a repertoire of tried and true standards of authentic modern pop. This 21-year-old California native began her musical career in 2016 and has recently signed with Kobalt Music Group. She is bringing to the music scene fresh ideas and perspectives which she delivers with an unpretentious but exceedingly lyrical voice that holds such admirable effortless power. It is no surprise therefore that her Spotify channel boats over 40, 700 monthly listeners with tracks from her impressive catalog cumulatively amassing millions of streams!

Grey has a new album, “Twilight Hour” that she spent months working on, and finally the end product is here and what an indescribably magnificent body of work. This album means so much to her with the lyrics reflecting her own experiences through love, heartbreak, healing, self-discovery and so much more. You can be best assured that here there is certainly something for everyone with every track telling its own tale and building from the ground up for one memorable masterpiece.

This over 34 minutes long collection exhibits real-life experiences that are complemented by Grey’s own irresistible vocal presentation. “Ever Knew Me” is catchy, danceable, and appealing with some thought-provoking lyrics and has been a favorite for me. I really feel the passion behind her performance as she puts her heart and soul in this performance and all through I found myself coming back to it. It was a nice gesture to include this entrancing track in this collection.

In “Idiot” she professes that she’s the happiest she has ever been without the other ‘guy’ who was causing her so much pain. The lyrics are emotionally relatable and I’m more than certain many listeners will deeply gravitate toward this tune.

“How the Story Goes” is a fun, upbeat, and infectious pop track that highlights the emotional rollercoaster one can experience while in a relationship and the damning reality that “nothing lasts forever.”  This is a perfect tune for anyone looking to let loose and have a good time while still being able to relate to the lyrics.

“Forest Fires” is one of the most emotional tunes from the album; Grey comes through with her soulful sweet-toned vocals and you can feel the raw emotions through her voice. This tune is very therapeutic and echoes the reality of someone finally healing from depression and the lines, “who am I when the Curtains Drawn?” really recreate a personal introspection from within a listener!

“Who Am I?” has a charming guitar melodic glow accompanied by a heartfelt vocal performance with the haunting lead and back harmonies why this tune will have you all wrapped up under its harmonious wings. Just from her singing, you can envision the way she tried to play strong beyond the tears, and told lies to keep someone around and those nights on the bathroom floor. Her own lyrics conjure up mental images that get you hooked throughout this track.

There is so much to ingest even in tracks like, “Smoke You Out”, “8 Whole Years” and “When you Will Fall.”

To stream the album in its entirety; follow the attached link and let these tracks dominate your playlist this year and beyond!

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