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The Germany-based duo Teymulah & Elerry is flipping the rap music industry with their distinct sound that defies norms and stereotypes.

Drop the needle anywhere, and you’re greeted with Teymulah & Elerry’s trademark hypnotic, bass-draped beats and swaggering soulful melodies. Blending their signature style of Russian rap with futuristic hip-hop, they break boundaries and norms with effortless ease, taking listeners on meditative journeys through their thought-provoking lyricism. The goal is to create soundtracks of our lives with lyrics that perfectly mirror society in its various dimensions. What you get from this duo is music that defies traditional norms and leaves a lasting impression from the very first listen. If you want something uniquely captivating, soulful, heartfelt, and enthralling, then Teymulah & Elerry are the duo to watch out for.

Teymulah & Elerry have released two brand-new singles, “St. Marco” and “Fizulli,” now streaming on popular platforms. These are short and sweet masterpieces with enough glimpses to show you the kind of lyrical gift both artists possess.

“Fizulli,” by Elerry, is a hypnotic tour de force, featuring compelling production that haunts listeners beyond the song itself. On the mic, Elerry delivers some masterful flows, smoothly sliding over the splendid beat like the lyrical master he is and establishing his presence soulfully over this mellow production.

“St. Marco” features a heavy bassline that rattles the floor, kicking in with a ferocity that is amazing and addictive, right before Teymulah breathes life with his creatively referential bars, creating emotional resonance with such an outstanding performance that is impactful.

Both tracks are inspired by the conflict in Palestine, echoing the plight of innocent civilians and children who suffer daily. The lyrics unfold like the chapters of a well-crafted novel, taking the listener with them and leaving them with something to reflect on long after the final notes have disappeared.

To add these jams to your playlist, check the links below and make sure you share the music with your friends. This is Teymulah & Elerry’s time to shine!


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