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Liverpool-based band The Alts showcases such awe-inspiring musicianship with the single “Fortune Teller.”

Showcasing such raw emotions and passion with a sound that transcends the limits of rock music, The Alts fire on multiple fronts, blending songwriting and vocal prowess with ear-gracing instrumentation to appeal to massive listeners, despite their genre affiliations. Much of their writing is a snapshot of their own personal triumphs and tribulations, loves and losses, successes and failures. The Alts pull their fans into their lives through their own experiences, speaking to each individual in a personal and direct manner.

The Alts return with an immersive and emotionally resonant composition dubbed “Fortune Teller.” This single was released on the back of their sold-out show around the corner, Liverpool.

“Fortune Teller” is one of those songs that is less heard and more experienced. The emotion-drenched vocals are magically woven into the rise and fall of the instruments, and Ronnie’s words are sung with such raw emotions behind them, that you could begin to grasp the journey of the thoughts and meaning behind each verse.

I love how as the track progresses, The Alts unleash these timelessly catchy guitars and bass, shredding the guitars with vivacious energy as the insane bass licks and punchy drums elevate the song to new heights.

The essence of “Fortune Teller” lies in its raw, emotional appeal intertwined with brilliantly delivered guitars and bass.

The synergy among each member of The Alts is a testament to their collective power and star quality, each contributing uniquely to the success of this composition.

The Alts are working on their next album, which promises to take listeners on an unforgettable journey through the highs and lows of life.

Before then, stream “Fortune Teller,” now available everywhere. If you enjoy the experience, add the song to your playlist and share it with friends or strangers.


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