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New York-based metal band The Antarctican channels all their emotions and thoughts in the terrific performance titled “I is the Lie”

The Antarctican I is the Lie

The Antarctican formed when a group of seasoned and diversely talented musicians, seeking creative exploration, decided to get together and delve into the boundless sonic possibilities. A band with an in-your-face attitude creating the type of music that makes you not want to leave the party, has been receiving powerhouse recognition around Albany, New York.

“I is the Lie” takes listeners through a wide range of emotions; the band is kind enough or else tactical to get the listener relaxed with the modest intro that is inviting and melodic and one that puts you in a certain vulnerable dimension, and they know it!

After The Antarctican are confident enough that you’ve let your guard down, that’s when they strike, coming through with a brutal and menacing concoction of the rip-roaring guitars, the rollicking drums, and the shouting vocals that pertain to the genre appeal of metal rock.

From time to time, The Antarctican breaks from the bloodthirsty chaos of grunge to a more melodic, less-abrasive performance…I mean the track is almost 7 minutes long, they’ve got all the time in the world!

And talking about this track’s length; this song doesn’t even feel like it is 6 minutes and 53 seconds. That’s when you know it’s a really good song!

The hard-hitting drums, electrifying guitar playing, intoxicating melodies, and daring vocal performances have all been wrapped up attractively as a gift that is such a joy to receive!

The Antarctican is set to sizzle the charts with this addictive and terrific neck-snapper and head-banger.

If you are looking for a song that can both fire you up and calm you down, look no further than “I is the Lie”…it’s one of the benefits of listening to The Antarctican; They create songs for every occasion, mood, and feeling, and sometimes craft a song with multiple mood-evoking qualities, just like this one!

To listen to “I is the Lie”, follow the attached link and let this track boost your playlist as much as your spirits!

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