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Pennsylvania-based metal band The Art of Deception delivers a soul-drenching performance with “Despondency.”

Based out of Pine Grove, Pennsylvania, The Art of Deception is a quintet dedicated to the creation of music they wish existed. It was their love and passion for music that brought them together in the first place, and they have remained dedicated to exploring the infinite sonic landscapes to create music with universal appeal. If you had at one time feared that metalcore, deathcore, and progressive rock music had faded away, then The Art of Deception are here to dispel that notion with their tenacious and daring sound.

The band is back with a rip-roaring, highly energetic, and rollicking banger dubbed “Despondency,” which was birthed from a point of mental pain and personal anguish.

Through that wave of rhythm and melody emanating from the intensively hit riffs, the pounding drums, and the powerful bass…without forgetting the growling vocals from the lead vocalist Nolan, a listener gets to feel this deep and heartfelt topic that inspired this tune.

And this track is very significant because June is a renowned men’s mental health month, and the band hopes that “Despondency” can to offer that solace to anyone going through mental health challenges—for them to feel less alone each time they push the play button and this track comes in.

This is a top-tier performance from start to finish, featuring such a compelling narrative and accomplished instrumental playing to leave a listener feeling highly energetic and motivated as well.

“Despondency” is a single off of The Art of Deception’s upcoming 6-track EP titled “Imminence” that is expected to drop very soon.

“Despondency” also features an eye-catching music video that is the perfect complement to this tune both in symbolism and storyline.

Already streaming on all the popular platforms, it’s about time that you experienced the magic and emotional resonance in this tune. Follow the attached link, subscribe to the band’s YouTube channel, give the music video a thumbs up, share it, and save the track to your playlist.

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