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Dynamic Rock Duo The Broken Delivers a Soul-Stirring Performance in “Lost in Apathy”

The Broken, the brainchild of long-time friends Jay and Luke, emerged from a shared fascination and gravitation towards similar kinds of music. Despite the distance between them (which persists), they have nurtured this band, blending their ideas to create soundtracks for our lives, encased in heavy, deeply melodic, and powerful metal structures. The overarching ambition has always been to create music that is not only heard but felt as well. Sometimes, the music seems to speak directly to you, perhaps because it draws from daily life experiences—love, loss, heartbreak, triumphs, adversities—essentially, what constitutes life itself. So, hop in and enjoy this unforgettable ride with both Jay and Luke, the captains of this sonic spaceship.

“Lost in Apathy” boasts over 52K Spotify streams. Upon listening, it becomes clear why this sensational jam has enchanted and captivated over 50,000 people. The Broken really packs an appropriate punch with deeply relatable lyrics that resonate with a listener on a deep, personal, and emotional level.

The intro, mellow and dulcet, features smoothly strummed guitars and gently struck drums, laying a pleasant foundation for the warm and ear-friendly vocals, as the music unfolds like chapters of a well-crafted novel.

The deeply meaningful lyrics pertain to that melancholic feeling of losing someone you once loved and how your world now feels desolate, gloomy, and dark. The Broken captures the raw emotions of emptiness, albeit with an appreciation for the good times, moments, and profound love you once shared.

At around the 2:36 minute mark, there is a seismic shift in the track’s direction as the band’s signature heavy sound is unleashed; electric riffs bubble with rhythmic energy, drums are hit resoundingly, and insane bass licks enter the mix. This powerful mix is matched by intensely emotive vocals, showcasing an exceedingly expressive demeanor.

The Broken transports you to another dimension, leaving you hungry for more as the performance lingers in your heart long after the final notes have disappeared.

How about you add “Lost In Apathy” to your favorite playlist? It sounds like a plan, doesn’t it? – A freaking great plan!


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