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The Kiss That Took A Trip’s EP, “Hold Music” offers the perfect cosmic exploration!

The Kiss That Took A Trip is the sonic offering of M.D. Trello was formed in Madrid back in 2016 and has been dedicated to exploring the infinite sonic rabbit holes, straddling the realms of atmospheric melody with roots in ambient, alternative pop, post-rock, new age, and cinematic excellence.

The Kiss That Took A Trip has been captivating audiences with its genre-blending fusion of electronic, synthpop, and new wave, channeling 70s and early 80s nostalgia into his signature cosmic ambient sound that melds dream pop and synth elements into a modern, otherworldly experience. He is a passionate creator who also integrates his intricate vocals into spontaneous yet powerful production.

With his new 4-track EP, “Hold Music”, The Kiss That Took A Trip delivers a dynamic brand of storytelling with complex melodies, showcasing his artistic versatility through the different genres, and melodic and atmospheric arrangements, captivating a listener at every turn. This is the kind of transcendental sound that inspires a new generation of musicians and fans alike!

The opening track, “Everything is Disappointing,” delivers an aggressive pop thrill that announces itself via that cinematic arrangement. There is a fine balance between pop and rock because, unlike the latter, this tune, while aggressive, maintains a melodic edge that is characteristic of pop music, yet it can also be categorized as rock. This is the kind of tune that has crossover appeal thanks to the plethora of intriguing melodic ideas that have been combined with such striking bravado!

The arrangement is gritty, eschewing typical genre conventions in favor of bold rule-breaking. The vocals ebb and flow with such authority and depth, ultimately accentuating the weight of the filmIC arrangement!

“Tastes like copper” features a synthetic arrangement that is made more luxurious with electro-pop influences, laying the foundation for a song that feels more melodic and less abrasive.

This track brings with it a strikingly vast and spacious sonic brightness that is enjoyable to listen to, skillfully merging elements of synth and dreamy pop into a wonderfully textured soundscape.

“Spiteful hopeful” features an excellent combination of color and edginess as it bears an excellent drive and a deeply melodic rock groove that will transport you to a different realm. This unique track strikes a balance between novelty and familiarity, offering a crisp and immersive listening experience

The last song, “A missing star in the sky” features a lot of electronic melodic edge that feels alive but also like you are listening to something that blends old and new school approaches together so that you get something that feels almost nostalgic in a way but at the same time, it has that futuristic vibe as well. This is an impeccable combination, if you ask me, because the textures that are involved with the song have a way of melding into each other and bouncing off of one another simultaneously…The use of synthesizers, keys, beats, and vocals all give it a particular infectious energy that you become quickly addicted to!

This musical experience reflects an old soul journeying into the future while rooted in the present.

“Hold Music” is enough proof that music doesn’t have to be perfect; there just has to be the resonance of melody, harmony, and atmosphere, and you have yourself ear worming vibrations!

“Hold Music” is like a starter before the main course is served, which is the fourth full-length album that is expected to drop very soon.

For now, scratch your musical itch with this cosmic explorative journey through time and space by following the attached link!

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