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Critically Acclaimed Rapper and Artist THE LOOSE CANNON65 Is Set to Release What’s Anticipated as 2024’s Anthem for Straight People, Titled “No Homo”.

Demonstrating razor-sharp wit, nimbleness, and insightful perspectives in versatile productions, THE LOOSE CANNON65 is a name that has been generating positive buzz on the international hip-hop and rap scene. He is not just a rapper but an artist in the truest sense of the word. He weaves a tapestry of his own experiences and those of others around him to come up with music with personal appeal, and rather than following trends, he opts to forge his own style characterized by first-class rapping, one of the many things that has endeared him not only to fans and critics but also to culture heavyweights. His deep vocal resonance has also been hailed for adding a distinct flavor to his music. If he isn’t already your favorite rapper, then this new release might just change that.

This anticipation includes the release of his eagerly awaited single, “No Homo,” an anthem celebrating straight and heterosexual people.

Like many have come to expect from CANNON65, he does not tiptoe around the subject matter. He delivers nimble, scene-stealing bars that vividly express the song’s core message—being proud as a straight person and not feeling ashamed or cowering in some sort of fear of saying it loud.

With this new track, CANNON65 does not really want to spark controversy but generate conversations around the subject without coming off as homophobic. He has clarified this and much more on his socials. This is an anthem meant to celebrate straight men and women and to remind them to wear their heterosexuality like a new cloth and shine.

“No Homo” will officially drop on January 19th on all the major streaming platforms. What you can be assured of is that this jam is worth the hype, and wait—CANNON65 truly delivers on this track, showcasing his artistic prowess.


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