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Fortifying, Bulletproofing And Nourishing The Core Dimensions Of Our Inner Life, The Mietus Touch “Transcendental Souvenirs” Is An Exquisite Beauty For The Soulset

The Mietus Touch Transcendental Souvenirs

The Mietus Touch is a man of towering depth with a mammoth heart and he has perfected his craft and continued to habituate that state of awesome performance and it is showing up with absolute predictability. Shining with exceptional latent power in his voice and delivery, the kind of energy and vibe that is contagious and right now, he is swimming with the dolphins and we can do nothing but admire with exquisite ecstasy as, he frolics with them as they swim smoothly below the water surface and as they descend, so do his euphoric admiring fans. Mietus is currently bathing people in rainbows and do I say it is a miraculous sight of a double rainbow like the one which unfolds across the magnificent blue sky. His craft has undergone perfection and is the sign of the victory of a Spartan warrior who sweats more in practice to bleed less in war. By listening to the incredibly self-produced 7 tracks, you feed your soul some rhythm and blues, some type of funk, a hint of pop, and electric dance, all intensely constructed with confidence to defy the norm.

A trademark voice with vocal pluses that are controlled and achieved via proper technique, this album gets you off to an exhilarating vibe. It has everything there is to have in an album with the sometimes predominantly agile light voice with nimble, complex vocal runs, high tenor with octaves, and the flexibility and elasticity of the chest voice creating an intimate feel. The first song “Send Soul” has a bluesy Westlife feeling to it with the smooth bright voice with an edge-see.  “Edge of heaven” has a bright timbre with a very catchy rhythmic flow and a melodic transcendence of masterclass. “You got me” will arrest you with the rich and flavorful vocal harmonies giving you a poppy and lush feel. It has that slow dance vibe to it and a perfect choice for a couples diner where you let yourself get lost to its incredibly rich tune as its words, “sorry that I hurt you, wish I hadn’t hurt you” hunt you at the back of your mind lyrics resonates with you not to hurt your love one as you travel through the journey of love.

The Mietus touch is an urban explorer and a wilderness explorer and his influence in the world is being mirrored in the glory, nobility, vitality, and luminosity that he has accessed himself. His drive to capitalize on his genius and his courage to take the flight into the rare air of outright mastery is what will make him realize domain dominance and boy does he deserve it! Listening to his craft and following his general life will liberate your sovereign self with all the wisdom, creativity, bravery, love, and inner peace that comes with that manifestation. He is advocating for a different way in our relationships because we owe this gift to ourselves. He is an empire builder and I can’t wait to witness his fortune follow his fearlessness.

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