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Israel-based classical guitar duo The Nocturnes’ self-titled album, “The Nocturnes” transcends the boundaries of classic music with remarkable proficiency.

Proving that music can be enjoyed in diverse sonic styles, The Nocturnes are an Israeli duo dedicated to preserving the essence of pristine classical guitar music. Armed with nothing but their guitars and an open mind, this duo delves deep into the realms of the classical genre, coming up with heartfelt compositions that are open for interpretation but still speak of instantly identifiable subjects. They tell stories with nothing but their fingerstyle techniques, transporting listeners to their world and giving them the tranquility and peace of mind that only this kind of music affords. If you are tired of listening to the same kind of music day in and day out, how about you bless your soul with some heart-grabbing, ear-worming, and sweetened music from this duo’s flavorful discography? It has been proven that long periods of quiet contemplation with classical music can enhance mental clarity!

Their self-titled album, “The Nocturnes” is an 8-song collection that is brimming with varied and virtuosic guitar technique, awe-inspiring musicianship, and emotionally charged melodies that warm your heart and fill your soul with indescribably beautiful raw emotions, as if you were listening to music that speaks directly to you.

This hypnotic composition is a classical sonic odyssey that transcends the boundaries of music, inviting listeners to embark on a breathtaking journey into The Nocturnes’ enigmatic world. With every guitar note and melody, the songs here weave a vivid tapestry of emotions and paint an ethereal landscape for the imagination.

The hauntingly melodic guitar tones—smooth, rich, mellow, and sometimes loud—create a sensory experience that is nothing short of an aural alchemy. This album isn’t merely a collection of songs; it is an invitation to experience and relish escapism in its purest form.

As the music unfolds, listeners are whisked away to The Nocturnes’ dreamscape, where reality blurs and a temporary visual hallucination of their universe is birthed. It’s a realm where the boundaries of the everyday world dissolve—a place for you to relax, contemplate, and reflect deeply. This is the kind of music that is hard to describe but easy to listen to…you just have to lend your ears.

I was particularly impressed with the tracks “One for Doti”, “The Second”, “Wedding” and “Hanosaf” and I will tell you why.

“One for Doti” starts gently with a smooth, mellow tone, and as it progresses, it rises in tonality, reeling a listener in and exuding such warmth and nostalgia. Towards the end, it reverts to its smooth, dulcet tone, making for such an immersive experience. As for “The Second” it unfurls with a loud tone, and the guitar tones exude such urgency and intensity about them that it speaks of a deeper thematic essence that feels nice to be part of.

Both “Wedding” and “Hanosaf” have warm, friendly, and happy tones and boast excellent clarity and performance; the result is such clean, resonant sounds that are charming and enthralling.

There are so many songs here that I feel are exemplary too, and I’ll leave it to you to listen to the album in its entirety and add the songs you like the most to your playlist.

Get ready to be transported to a realm of magic and music. There aren’t enough words to describe such an enchanting body of work, but one thing is for sure: “The Nocturnes” is classical guitar music executed right…the world could do with this kind of riveting music!


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