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The Unusuals Come Out Guns Blazing With “The WAKE”

The Unusuals The WAKE

Picture this: embracing the terrifying darkness that is within feeling distance—I know it’s dangerous and scary, and you almost curse at the thought. Sometimes we just have to face our demons head-on if we are determined to succeed and conquer our fears…something of this nature is artfully expressed in The Unusuals’s ‘THE WAKE”

And who are The Unusuals one might ask? Well, if you didn’t already know them, that’s some terrible failure on your part, but we’ll let this one slide for now because we are all in an ecstatic mood following Xperience and Ninjaface’s epic duet in ‘THE WAKE”

This duo has led a career spanning decades of success and their chemistry now comes off so naturally, unforced, and just like they were meant to be together from the word go. They bounce of one another.

Ninjaface lives up to his theatrical name with his swift and effortless wordplay; dancing over the beats, cadence, and sometimes silence like a professional mixed martial artist. Xperience on the other hand, experience comes off as more composed, with a penchant for fleshing out avid stories in a lyrically expressive artistic decorum. When you blend their two distinct artistic personalities, you get the whole package and that is what has been delivered in “THE WAKE”

Many artists make music that you can listen to and enjoy; The Unusuals’ “THE WAKE” is an entire listening experience by itself- like a religious experience; it is cathartic and connects to its listener on a deep emotional level, especially the way it cleverly echoes that golden age of rap.

There is a great deal of showmanship to savor in this authentic masterpiece that has brought together two of the best emcees and allowed them the stage to flourish and shine, which they do…you don’t stumble upon this kind of performance every Tuesday, so I suggest you make the most of it when you finally do.

At its core is a beautifully haunting hook that will remain ingrained in your mind for the foreseeable future…it is the mark of truly authentic masterpieces—they always possess an addicting aroma.

The time is now for you to meet your new favorite track that is available for streaming on all the major streaming platforms!

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