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Making a triumphant return to the music scene, Third Development’s latest release, “Our Parallel Worlds,” a collaborative tour de force featuring Ali Wick and Francesca Maionchi, feels like a clash of magic and mysticism!

Where words fail, music speaks on our behalf. Third Development have more than demonstrated this ever since they debuted with “The Thought of Tomorrow,” going further to create magic with hit masterpieces, “Auras” and “Shadow Frequencies.” And now, they have the musical world at their feet following the release of their new single “Our Parallel Worlds” featuring Canadian soul-pop artist Ali Wick and Italian opera singer Francesca Maionchi. How they achieved this striking balance, to come up with a masterpiece that defies easy categorization is musicianship at its best!

How well do you explain such a performance as this? I mean, there aren’t enough words to do justice to it but I hope you at least picture it in vivid visions. Well, even before we talk about the track, we have to recognize that eye-catching cover art, a brilliant work of art by their ever-present designer Eden Hurst. It is an eye-catcher in its astronomical depiction and human presence.

The song opens up with an upbeat tempo featuring a catchy and danceable beat, laying a glamorous foundation for Ali Wick’s angelic lead vocals. The sheer beauty and color of her voice are mesmerizing, and she comes off so sexy and haunting that you just want her to feed your ears nonstop.

The transition at around 1:40 is so seamless you might be forgiven for not noticing as Third Development ushers us into a brand new atmospheric, ethereal, and dreamy world, allowing for Italian opera songstress Francesca to serenade our already exposed chests with her sweet-sounding soprano opera voice of pure range and power. This moment right here is so magical and transportative, and Ali continues to make it worthwhile with her haunting vocals in the background. The captivating dance beats accompany all this.

Even as Ali takes over, Francesca cleverly complements the background with her soprano opera prowess, creating this unworldly feeling that not even words could describe.

I have a feeling that this is what paradise feels like, and if not, then something close to it; something ethereal and mystical.

What I know is that you can’t escape “Our Parallel Worlds’” grasp on you. So, best luck trying to resist this masterpiece!

“Our Parallel Worlds” is more felt and less heard; it certainly evokes different kinds of emotions from different listeners, and that is the other beauty surrounding it. So, I’ll not tell you what to feel, you just have to experience that yourself. Hint: It’s something close to magical!


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