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Totally Killing It Productions – Homeward Bound

In the heart of Finnish Lapland, where the pristine wilderness meets the cutting-edge pulse of electronic music, Totally Killing It Productions is redefining the landscape of modern dub and reggae. Known for their groundbreaking work in the roots dub electronica scene since the early ’90s, the producer behind Totally Killing It Productions has teamed up with renowned Finnish reggae artist Joonas Hauveli to create a track that is both a nod to their musical roots and a bold step forward. “Homeward Bound,” their first single, is a testament to this creative synergy, blending live studio recordings with meticulously crafted digital production. This fusion captures the raw, live energy of Hauveli’s performance and the innovative electronic soundscapes that have defined Totally Killing It Productions’ storied career.

Don’t miss out on this sonic journey that promises to transport you from the urban rhythm of NYC to the tranquil yet invigorating spirit of the Finnish wilderness. Dive into “Homeward Bound” and experience a track that not only resonates with nostalgia but also propels the genre into exciting new territories. Stream “Homeward Bound” now and be a part of the musical evolution that Totally Killing It Productions and Joonas Hauveli are pioneering. Follow their journey and stay tuned for more groundbreaking releases that will undoubtedly continue to push the boundaries of dub and reggae music.

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