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Las Vegas-based prodigious sound engineer and producer Tragic T pulls up with a head-banging rap masterpiece dubbed “Racing To The Finishline.”

Tragic T - Racing To The Finishline

Tragic T is a 19-year-old Las Vegas-based sound engineer and producer who has a penchant for creating rap music and blending that musical luxury with some racing video games and anime. His way of blending these two distinct worlds into one deserves wide acclaim, as he proves to possess a certain kind of top-level showmanship way beyond his years. Tragic T is what your favorite producer/audio engineer wishes they were!

With his whole future ahead of him, Tragic T has been putting in the work to create an impressive discography in his genre, with the hope of leaving an indelible mark on the music industry as a whole. And let me tell you, he is well on his way to achieving his goals.

“Racing To The Finish Line,” which he engineered and was produced by Teku, is a rap masterclass, to say the least. Taking the moment to flourish in what he describes as one-take freestyle, Tragic goes on a lyrical showpiece in just under 144 seconds to leave an impression on any listener.

It’s incredibly hard to create so many catchy lyrics that fit into one song perfectly and be able to rap it too; Tragic’s bars, flow, lines, and rhythm demonstrates one thing: he is purely futuristic! The AI, the flows, cadences, samples, and sounds are all so forthcoming and foretelling. Tragic really got into the studio and engineered a hit!

This track is short and indescribably sweet; it has the potential, the replay value, the lyricism, first-class production, and top-notch blending with the high-standard visuals of the racing video game anime that really works well with the production and delivery.

This track deserves more recognition and really pins Tragic T at the top of his own game; he really is a master of his own craft who is going to ride his way to superstardom, one track at a time!

For now, follow the attached link, enjoy this masterpiece, save it to your playlist, and share it widely!

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