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New Haven’s hip-hop and rap star Tre Moore is back with a new racy anthem, “My Type”


With an ambition that is priceless, an unmatched pen game, authenticity you can only earn, and a distinct voice that is ideal for his eclectic style, New Haven-based star Tre Moore is the industry’s best kept secret. Coming through with an aggressive flow, clever lyrics, punchy bars, and backed by his own impeccable taste for beats, Tre strives to be an artist that challenges the audience’s thinking while keeping them vibing to the beat. A versatile artist, he has more than proved that he can write hip-hop anthems for the streets and Top 40 hits that can compete with the best of them. His bold, passionate, and likeable demeanor, deeply rooted in authenticity and artistic integrity, continues to ingratiate himself with listeners of all ages.

Tre Moore returns with a racy trap anthem dubbed “My Type.” With this jam, he vividly paints pictures of both romantic and sexual desire with a specific lady who has got him smitten because she is exactly his ‘type.’

The intro is smooth and dulcet, with the warm guitar melodies giving it an organic feel. The guitar foundation actually forms the track’s melodic backbone even as it progresses. I cannot imagine this track without those enchanting guitar melodies; they give it such a crystal clear and polished feel.

The captivating trap elements blend seamlessly with the unmissable guitar tunes, providing a smooth landing for Tre Moore, who colors the track with his rap-sing fluidity, crisply delivering some seamless flows, punchy bars, and infectious hooks.

“My Type” is a bold and explicit track that embraces sensuality and desire with unfiltered candor. This tune is also a stunning display of Tre’s lyrical prowess and his command over multiple languages.

Tre Moore’s voice is the sort that can take any form, allowing him to fit in any mood or beat. This particular jam vividly demonstrates his versatility. He’s like some shape-shifter of musical sorts, and that right there is why he is far from the ordinary.

A catchy, infectious, danceable, and singable anthem, “My Type” is exactly what you’ve been craving but  couldn’t quite wrap your head around…well, until now that I’ve come to your aid.

Add the track to your library and let your friends hear all about it.


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Founder of Tunepical, a blog dedicated to sharing my love of music with you. I believe that music is the key to life, and if you're listening to the right songs at the right time, everything is possible!

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