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Hip-Hop Whizz Trill Soulutionary Set the New Year Pace with His Inspiring and Hard-Hitting Jam, “Pitstop.”

We came to adore hip-hop for its relatability; the way it seemed to speak of our experiences as much as speak to our souls resonated with so many of us. Slowly and painfully, we have watched as the genre we came to love and relish becomes obliterated right before our eyes and ears. We have agonizingly held on with the hope that the artists we once loved will revive the sound we once revered. Well, some have come to the rescue and answered the call, while others have ignored our pleas and joined in the ill-stirred efforts of annihilating the sound. And while we were caught up in this web of agony and confusion, we failed to pay attention to up-and-coming wizards who mean business and are making hip-hop music that is less heard and more felt. One of those artists happens to be none other than Trill Soulutionary.

This Arkansas emcee and artist effortlessly blurs the lines between rapper and artist. He is explosive when he needs to and calm, mature, and composed, which is a spectacular highlight of his multiple personalities that have aided his growth and development as a hip-hop and rap virtuoso. He also had the perfect foundation, seeing that he hails from a musical family. So, everything naturally transitioned for him.

This is not to say that his success has come overnight. It’s far from that. The complete artist you see today is a product of failing and trying again, learning from his mistakes, never giving up, having a relentless work ethic, learning from the best before him, sharpening his skills, and putting them to use day in and day out. And while he is nowhere near where he wants to be, he can look back with pride and acknowledge what the journey has been like!

2024 is starting on a high note as Trill Soulutionary wears his lyrical garment and equips it with some lyrical wisdom, meant to empower and motivate a listener to keep going, seek motivation wherever they can to replenish their energy, and continue with the journey until the destination is reached. This has been nicely packaged in his latest release, “Pitstop.”

The vocal and piano interlude at the intro is smooth and haunting, providing the ideal start to this magnetic jam. It lasts about 9 seconds before giving way to a hard-hitting, 808s-fueled, and blazing beat.

The heavy wave is met by a lyrically armed Trill Soulutionary, who invites the listener off-rip with that memorable hook, before going on to assert his lyrical prowess with some intellectual, scene-stealing bars that pertain to the mental, physical, and shape needed to ‘go the distance.’

His visual wordplay provokes imagery from within a listener, allowing them to connect with the song on a more relatable level as they find their own personal space within his words. It is not easy to find music that you feel connected to let alone an artist that knows how to get you heavily invested; Trill achieves both with competent ease. This is why he is a level above your ordinary emcee.

With “Pitstop,” Trill captures the essence of hip-hop: entertaining, empowering,

and inspiring. This track showcases such growth and professionalism and deserves to be celebrated and popularly acclaimed.

I am confident that in the coming days and weeks, “Pitstop” will generate positive buzz on the international music scene and be in heavy rotation everywhere.

Add this bona fide anthem to your favorite playlist, and make sure you recommend it to those with similar music taste…I am more than certain they will appreciate this banger!

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