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Nigerian/Canadian rapper and producer Tuji set to release his new summer anthem dubbed “Summertime Love”

In the realms of music anomalies, I feel that Canadian rapper, songwriter, and producer Tuji sits atop the hierarchy; coming through with a sound and strength of his own that takes cues from legends of the game such as Tupac Shakur as much as present stars and developing his own sound within the tradition of first-class rapping. He is currently one of the rawest voices on the Canadian rap scene, combining intense autobiographical narratives, a hunger to assert his lyrical prowess, and a creatively referential approach to hip hop that has justified his widespread critical acclaim; winning the attention of iconic artists such as The Game, who co-signed him under his label.

Summertime is guaranteed to change once and for all when Tuji drops his new anthem dubbed “Summertime Love”- an enchanting smash hit that possesses all the qualities of a “crowd pick-me-up” banger to get you dancing on your feet.

Other than the stupendous production and outstanding arrangement, this track displays the limitless versatility and creativity of Tuji both as a songwriter and performer.

The way he jumps on this beat leaves nothing to be desired; unleashing a refreshing cocktail of thought-provoking observations, emotive and vivid lyrics, that provoke thoughts and imagery from within the listener. The subtle Spanish phrases add depth and elegance to the overall track and also highlight his multilingualism.

This track easily flourishes in any setting, whether it be in the comfort of your home, working out, a night spot, or a company gathering. Exhibiting beats with an undeniable groove and wit, this track is poised to capture the listening senses and prompt the audience to move their bodies with reckless abandon.

“Summertime Love” will officially debut on August 25, 2024, on all streaming platforms. Listeners can expect a bona fide anthem that makes them feel those sweet summertime vibes.

Tuji is seriously making his mark with his artistic brilliance, showcasing such awe-inspiring showmanship and rightfully riding his way into superstardom, where he is expected to reign for a very long time.

Follow him on his official social media platforms to join him on this promising journey!

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