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Seems like no one is having enough of “Galactic Queen”- the collab between Canadian producer Turtle and The Galaxy Council!

So this is how it feels in space; okay, don’t get me wrong, but after listening to Turtle’s latest masterpiece, “Galactic Queen,” for an unlimited amount of time, I feel like I am in space. There is a feeling within me that makes me feel like Superman. If this is how superheroes feel, then I’ve got a pretty good idea of it (you should absolutely look for me!) Disappointment has never cross-referenced itself when we are talking about Turtle’s musicality, not unless it had lost its way and while retracing its steps it bumped into his nemesis, who kidnapped it and demanded Turtle pay a ransom to save its life, which he of course declined!

It seems we are all lucky to survive Turtle’s world; this exceedingly gifted songwriter and producer never cease to amaze, and when you just think he cannot do more than he’s already done, then he proves you wrong and unmistakably!

For the love of sanity, I’d recommend measured doses of the track “Galactic Queen,” because, like drugs, too much consumption of it can be very addictive—keyword ‘very!’ Turtle brings on board The Galaxy Council for this masterpiece banger, and together they go to unleash magic on our yearning souls!

The melodies have been sourced from the past and delivered in the present with a clear outlook on the future. It is possible that the “Galactic Queen” might have time traveled into the past, seen the future, and come to change the present! There really is no description of why a sound should feel this good, none whatsoever!

The melodies are awash with an abundance of electro synths blended imaginatively with trance and dance-pop elements, and the glorious vocals that deliver the catchy hooks and pop/hip-hop ordained lyricism add sonic variety, depth, and color!

If you love the old dance-pop classics, then you are going to have a feast with “Galactic Queen,” and perhaps you will understand why the musical world seems to have lost it with this particular piece.

It is not my desire to keep you from this magic; follow the attached link and don’t indulge in it alone; it’s not advisable!

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