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Daniel Cantrell takes things a notch above with “Unrivaled Music, Vol. 4”

Daniel Cantrell is a certified music producer and owner of Unrivaled Records, an independent record label based out of Las Vegas, New Mexico, that is helping change the music game by transforming the dreams of up-and-coming singers, songwriters, and producers, into reality by providing a genuine platform for them to astound the world with their musical talent. As a record label bringing you some of the best, untapped talents, you can always expect exceptional music backed by thought-provoking lyrics and irresistible sounds. Unrivaled Records is staying true to the goal of using music as a form of expressing feelings with their songs delivered with such passion and purpose to touch the souls of listeners through seemingly multi-genre songs.

After stamping an indelible imprint with the series album, “Unrivaled Music, Vol. 3” Daniel and his team of phenomenally gifted and determined producers have taken things a notch above with the new project, “Unrivaled Music, Vol. 4” that displays such artistic brilliance and versatility.

The explosive and highly entertaining tracks here are undeniably vivid; pulsating with a vibrancy that is as uncontainable as it is memorable, taking the listener on a mind-blowing journey that is quite simply unforgettable. It is in their individual uniqueness that their collective power and star quality are found, and hence a collection of this magnitude is birthed.

Unrivaled Records has a reputation for doing things differently, and with this project, they demonstrate that with sufficient grace; leveraging their state-of-the-art recording process in a well-equipped studio to create detailed, crisp, and clean sounds that uplift the soul of listeners while keeping them entertained.

“Coastal” is a dazzling masterpiece with a dripping bassline, insane drum licks, striking hi-hats, and otherworldly synths that have been combined proficiently for a fulfilling sound that you wish would never end.

“Can’t Help It” features a dense and immersive beat- the sort that gets you bopping your head to the rhythm as you add the volume all the way up. I love the twists and turns to the melody with the track operating between darker and mellow rhythmic components to get you hooked from start to finish. Tell you what, you also can’t help it but get addicted to this raw masterpiece.

“Fever” exudes such a mad energy vibe and hits you in all the right spots. The beat is catchy and the arrangement is hypnotic. You may have given up on drugs but this banger will literally make you ‘high!’

That beat in “I See You Lookin” is inviting; it is the sort that talks to you (I don’t know how to explain it but you just feel it!) Actually, it made me feel like putting my own words into it and freestyle my way through that smooth and powerful production…I might have to talk nicely to Daniel!

“Japanese Sunrise” boosts the vibe in any setting; this track is extremely energetic and draws from a completely original sound backed by such technical dexterity to perfect it. This song conjures up beautiful imagery of that holiday getaway as you bask in the sun sipping a fine margarita and living your best life.

In its entirety, “Unrivaled Music, Vol. 4” is an epic demonstration of Unrivaled Music’s willingness to push genre boundaries and explore new sounds, resulting in an innovative and accessible piece of music.

This project is a must-listen for any music fan, despite their genre affiliations. This is a spectacular accomplishment that highlights the label’s showmanship and solidifies its position as the best talent hub in the whole of New Mexico.

Follow the link below to sink your teeth into this incredible collection and spread the word!

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